Monday, March 18, 2019

[Book Review] The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars
EPUB Edition, 320 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Disclaimer: As a member of NetGalley, I received this galley in exchange for an honest review.

Part 1: From The Book Cover

From the award-winning author of Together Tea—a debut novel hailed as “compassionate, funny, and wise” by Jill Davis, bestselling author of Girls’ Poker Night—comes a powerful love story exploring loss, reconciliation, and the quirks of fate. 

Roya is a dreamy, idealistic teenager living in 1953 Tehran who, amidst the political upheaval of the time, finds a literary oasis in kindly Mr. Fakhri’s neighborhood book and stationery shop. She always feels safe in his dusty store, overflowing with fountain pens, shiny ink bottles, and thick pads of soft writing paper.

When Mr. Fakhri, with a keen instinct for a budding romance, introduces Roya to his other favorite customer—handsome Bahman, who has a burning passion for justice and a love for Rumi’s poetry—she loses her heart at once. And, as their romance blossoms, the modest little stationery shop remains their favorite place in all of Tehran.

A few short months later, on the eve of their marriage, Roya agrees to meet Bahman at the town square, but suddenly, violence erupts—a result of the coup d’etat that forever changes their country’s future. In the chaos, Bahman never shows. For weeks, Roya tries desperately to contact him, but her efforts are fruitless. With a sorrowful heart, she resigns herself to never seeing him again.

Until, more than sixty years later, an accident of fate leads her back to Bahman and offers her a chance to ask him the questions that have haunted her for more than half a century: Why did he leave? Where did he go? How was he able to forget her?

The Stationery Shop is a beautiful and timely exploration of devastating loss, unbreakable family bonds, and the overwhelming power of love. 

Part 2: Recommendation

This being the first book I've read from author Marjan Kamali, I really enjoyed how well-written this book is and how the plot just continues to build up, and the characters just comes alive at every scene. I love how this book showed how the Iranian culture is very rich in symbolism and tradition and how this book clearly portrays the patriotism that burns in every young man's heart only to grow disillusioned with age. War, of any kind, is never an easy subject. It tears apart everything in it's path and negatively affects the lives of everyone around it but despite the turmoil, grief and pain, love wins in the end. The heart of this story is about Mr. Ali Fakhri's and Mrs. Badri Aslan's past that affects Roya's & Bahman's future together. Despite how everything else turned out okay, this book has that dark cloud of sadness hovering over each page. The pain of not knowing why and yet continuing to pine for the one person, your first true love, the one who broke your heart is just heart-breaking and utterly sad.

If you are one who enjoys reading about other people's cultures, social classes, history and believe that first love never dies, then this book is for you.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Time And Yarn Flies By So Fast

Wow! I can't believe it's the end of February already and I'm still in a reading funk. Not good at all. I've gone through my GoodReads TBR list but that didn't help and emails from Netgalley and Penguin's First To Read Program announcing new books up for requests didn't spark any interest either until one book caught my eye. The book is called The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted by Robert Hillman, a historical fiction set in 1968 rural Australia. I sent in my guaranteed request but approved readers won't get to download it until March 5th. I think I lost my reading mojo while reading the Echo Trilogy by Lindsey Fairleigh because I was reading it on my phone as it was an Amazon Kindle exclusive book and as you all know, I don't have a Kindle. I really wish Kobo will update their operating software on all Kobo devices to where you can download and install other reading apps like you can do with the Energy Sistem brand from Spain or the GoodeReader brand of eInk devices. And no, I don't like reading on an iPad or Amazon Fire HD or any other generic tablet out there. The glare and horrible lighting from the screens hurt my eyes! It's bad enough that I stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day during the work days. But anyway, go get the Echo Trilogy by Lindsey Fairleigh especially if you love time travel and Egyptian Mythology. It's really good. 

Anyway, I am 110 rows out of 198 rows of the blanket that I'm making for someone special and it is heavy. I seriously doubt this will be used as a throw/blanket to cuddle up with. I feel like it is more suitable as an area rug and it should be fine as such since it is a blend of acrylic and nylon. Really durable fiber content on that yarn for sure.  I had to stop working on it for 2 days to avoid further risk of injury to my left wrist. It was hurting so bad I had trouble using keyboard shortcuts on The Beast during work.  

Only 1 original painting this month and a larger version of I Dream of Mermaid that is yet to be framed but that's okay because I've re-learned 2 new songs on the piano which I have yet to record. Still working on polishing the 2 pieces though so hang tight. I feel like I'm slowly getting behind here now that everything is written down and staring right back at me.

Ferrero Hazelnut Eggs

Well, I hope you all had a relaxing, safe and warm Valentine's Day if you celebrate it. My husband and I did and if you're ever in Colorado, definitely try out the Tempura Cheesecake from Sushi Ai (or Ai Sushi?). Just thinking about it already makes my mouth water. With that said, I really hope Easter comes sooner rather than later because I absolutely don't have self-control when it comes to these addicting Ferrero Hazelnut Eggs. I'm indulging way too much. My justification: because they only come out once a year around Easter! And the husband goes out and buys another tiny bag or bags for me. Sweet but so not helpful. So much for trying to eat healthier this month. 

Tropical Sunset

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Ball Blanket - yarn I'm using is Bernat Beyond, Cream colorway, 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon, Super Bulky weight; using a Clover Amour hook US size L/8mm - I want this blanket to be a surprise for when the recipients receive it so no photo on this project until it is done and delivered


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Thursday, January 31, 2019

2019 Goals

This year's phrase is Let Go. With that said, the husband and I spent the last days of December 2018 and the first few days of January 2019 organizing and tidying up the entire house. From our closets to kitchen cupboards, the fridge and freezer, the kitchen pantry, and the basement rooms and crawl space. Kitchen goal: keep the spice cabinet organized and the freezer to only have meat items in it that are either hard to come by or one that we will be cooking up the following week. That way, we will have less food items to throw away at the end of 2019. Fingers crossed.

I've let go of stash yarn that I'll never use, of crafting tools that I don't enjoy using, of small kitchen appliances, cookware and utensils that we don't use anymore and clothing and shoes that only take up space in the closet because we haven't worn them in the past year or more. I also frogged that scrap yarn granny stitch blanket and made preemie hats out of the yarns and donated them to my church before I took any pictures. Sigh… I know!!! I also realized that the teal colored lace socks that I made back in April was not getting worn at all because I prefer solid socks (obviously not lacey socks) and all the shawls that I made are not getting worn either because my neck is way too sensitive … grrr. So those will need to be frogged and turned into hats for myself and for preemies so I can get some use out of them. Lesson learned: just make hats and socks for myself since my head and feet are not so sensitive to yarn. I'm letting go of my dream to crochet sweaters, tops and skirts because of skin sensitivity issues even if it's not wool and it's the softest acrylic or cotton yarn you could possibly get. It still doesn't work. So hats and socks it is for the time being and maybe the occasional blanket.

Another crafty goal this year is to continue with the watercolor painting and to keep my yarn stash to a minimum aka only buy yarn when using it for an active project and to finish that active project first before starting up a new project. The exception to this is for skeins of yarn bought while traveling but obviously, I will need to use it all up first before I can buy new yarns. I've always been a monogamous crocheter but the last 6 months, I'm working on 2 projects at a time. I definitely want to go back to working on 1 project at a time but with it being winter here in Colorado, I need more crochet socks and I promised someone special a blanket by the end of April. So, no yarn buying as well as no starting a new project for me starting this month. I also realized that for me, it's actually using and wearing the yarn that makes it enjoyable for me and that we die sooner or later and honestly, it will be one less thing for my husband or family member to go through and figure out to whom to give my yarn stash to. 

Continue with eating healthy and working out, do better with walking the dog daily and do better with playing the piano, practice patience and learn to let go of worries, of resentments and all the negativity that surrounds us and I hope we can all help each other reach our goals this year.

Is 40:11

Mt 7:24

Buried In Yarn

Happy Gnome, Happy Home

I Dream Of Mermaid

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More Plain Jane Socks - yarn used was Loops & Threads Woolike, Chocolate, 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon, Superfine weight, total amount used was 61 grams; used a Clover Soft Touch hook US size C/2.75mm

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Ball Blanket - yarn I'm using is Bernat Beyond, Cream colorway, 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon, Super Bulky weight; using a Clover Amour hook US size L/8mm - I want this blanket to be a surprise for when the recipients receive it so no photo on this project until it is done and delivered


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Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year In Review

This has been quite a year. At 36, despite having my gall bladder removed, I'm thankful the husband and I have been pretty healthy, and ending the year at 37, I managed to whip up a handful of preemie hats from stash yarn frogged up from this scrappy blanket that never gets any love because I don't have many stash yarn and I'm still not digging that granny stitch and the different yarn weights all in one square blanket. I donated my supposed to be travel crochet hooks (these are the Boye aluminum set) because these hooks are not as smooth and comfortable to use as my Clover Soft Touch hooks, the Leisure Arts Knook Value set because I most likely will not be going back to knitting in the next 5 years, the 2 Yarnology Acrylic hooks in the size M & N because I didn't use them at all in the past 2 years, a bunch of plastic stitch markers and plastic yarn needle that I didn't really care for and I donated all of my wool and wool blend skeins that I can't work with because the unknown/unspecified wool triggered an allergic reaction and I also donated some non-wool left over yarns from the Christmas themed socks last month and a bunch of "mini skein" sized scrap yarns of various weights and fiber content. And I took down all of my social media accounts and only have GoodReads, Ravelry, YouTube and this blog. I definitely feel a lot happier and more productive.

This year, I only managed to read 57 books compared to 71 books in 2017 but it's ok. At least I successfully completed another Good Reads Reading Challenge and I'm setting another 35 books to read in 2019. How did you guys do with your reading goals? Did you read some really good books in 2018? What are you most excited to read in 2019? 

Though I didn't play a lot of piano or write a book this year, I feel like I more than made up for it with watercolor paintings to the point where I finally took the plunge and got a set of water brushes to see if I liked it or not because the ferrule on my No. 8 round brush has completely come unglued and the tip on my favorite No. 12 round brush is not quite as pointy as it used to and it's annoying me that the handle is slightly curved; and mainly because I'm always afraid of spilling paint water all over my desk and possibly ruining any and all electronics on my desk or if I'm sitting on the floor of the family room, I'm afraid I'd spill paint water all over the carpet or furniture or worse, my dog drinks from it (thankfully, he's very well trained and knows the leave it command but sometimes, you just never know). The last year I painted watercolors was 2014 and so for 3 years, my Pentel watercolor tubes sat unused. This year, for some reason, I decided to pick up watercolor painting again but I wasn't too excited to use the Pentel paints so I got the Master's Touch 12-color watercolor set, a pack of Master's Touch synthetic round brushes (size 4,6,8 & 12), a pack of Master's Touch synthetic flat brushes (size 7,10 & 16) and one Master's Touch synthetic small fan brush (size 7) and the 5.5"x8" 140lb (300gsm), Cold Press, Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal and 2 pads of 9"x12" 140lb (300gsm), Cold Press, Canson XL. I didn't use the Master's Touch watercolors that much because while the colors are well pigmented, I honestly did not like how the colors look when they dry on the page. Thankfully, it wasn't chalky like some cheap student/children grade watercolors but the tint is just a little off. So I went back to the first brand of cheap student grade watercolor that I first learned with, really liked and enjoy using: Prang. Funny, I can hear practically everyone saying I should use professional grade paints and natural bristles and 100% cotton watercolor paper to get the best results. But guess what, I don't care about all that because I'm not a professional watercolorist nor do I intend to be one and I want the freedom to have fun with watercolors and not worry about how much expensive paint and paper I'm wasting. After learning that hard lesson, I'm able to paint more this year than probably any other year from 2004 to 2014. So I'm really happy about that. 

Crochet is taking a bit of a break this month but with the Love Your Stash CAL hosted by Hannah of The Cozy Cottage Crochet podcast on YouTube, which started on Christmas day, I am excited to use up the remaining Woolike Superfine 100% Acrylic skeins that I have left in my stash for more crochet socks and to use up that gorgeous Bamboo yarn that I got while visiting NZ this year in March. I still can't decide what to do with the Bamboo yarn (yes, the yarn hasn't spoken to me yet of what it desires to be turned into). Maybe it'll come to me by the time I'm done with the Woolike yarns. Fingers crossed.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas and may 2019 bring you much love, happiness, good health, creativity, wonderful books to read and prosperity. 


Mountain Night Sky


Little Drummer Boy and Shepherd

Hope Peace Joy and Love

Christmas Tree

2019 Visual Journal Cover

2018 Visual Journal Cover

The Reader


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Charity Hats - yarn used was stash yarn frogged from the Scrappy Blanket project (more details on my Ravelry project page); 100% Acrylic, Sport Weight & Worsted Weight; total amount used was 411 yards; used a Clover Soft Touch hook US size G/4.0mm and H/5.0mm - sorry I forgot to take FO photos! 

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Friday, December 28, 2018

[Product Review] Water Brushes

image via fang fang store
image via fang fang store
image via fang fang store

L/M/S Plastic Water Storage Soft Brush Drawing Paint Watercolor Calligraphy Pen 
Ship & Sold by fang fang store on 

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Category: Art Supplies, Watercolor water brush

Disclaimer: All prices listed on this review are prices at the time this was written and subject to change 

Part 1: Product Description

100% Brand New and High Quality
Material:Plastic + Nylon Hair
Total Length12cm 
Approx Package include: 3pcs different size pen

Size     Brush Head Length   Brush Head Diameter
L         1.8cm                          6mm
M         1.5cm                          4mm
S         1.5cm                          3mm

Use method:
A.Injection method
Unscrew the pen, put some water into the pen

B.Moisture adjustment tip
Initially, when used, squeeze a pen nib will effluent
You can wipe with the paper, adjust the water

C.Coloring method
Maintaining adequate moisture pen directly stained with paint and began painting

D. How to change color
Need to change color when the pen wipe with a paper towel, you can clear out the color

E.How to preserve
When not in use, the tip clean water, close the lid on it

Part 2: Recommendation

With the growing popularity of water brushes among the watercolor & brush lettering/calligraphy communities, I decided to get a cheap one on (I only had to pay for shipping of USD $2.00) instead of springing for the more expensive Pentel Aquash Water Brush (in the same pack of 3 brushes for USD $15.27 on Amazon) or the Arteza Water Brush Pen (pack of 4 brushes for USD $9.57 on Amazon) or the Sakura Koi Water Brush (pack of 3 brushes for USD $14.99 on Amazon) just to test out whether I'd enjoy painting watercolors with a water brush or not. There are now many water brush brands to choose from and you now can buy a water brush that fits your budget.

Since I started my watercolor journey back in 2004 with a Prang Oval 8-color set, I have only used synthetic watercolor paint brushes because that's all I can afford to spend on a hobby (aka, I'm not a professional watercolorist). Watercolor brushes, whether synthetic or natural sable brushes, have a wide range of sizes and shapes. The more natural your bristles are made out of, the more it can absorb water and pigment but you have less control with your strokes/marks on the page — at least, that's what I've learned from Angela Fehr's YouTube videos. So it doesn't bother me that all water brushes, as of writing, have soft nylon bristles. 

Before water brushes came on the market, traveling and painting with watercolors can be a bit daunting and challenging in the sense that you have to make sure you have a clean supply of water: either you bring it with you or the place you're going to -- like a hiking trail, park, coffee shop, restaurant, or the top of the mountain in the middle of nowhere -- has a clean supply of water (think river, stream, ocean, lake, water fountain, bottled water, etc) and all of your watercolor supplies (paints, brushes, palettes, watercolor papers/notebook, masking tape, pens and pencils, erasers, paper towels/rags, paint water containers for dirty water and clean water, spray bottle) all fit in a travel friendly bag. Yes, you can buy pocket-sized watercolor papers and notebooks and short-handled paint brushes, and if your paints are in a tube, you can easily squeeze them out into empty half pans and fit them in a palette the size of an Altoids tin but you still have the problem of carting around a heavy water bottle with you and what do you do with the dirty paint water? I don't think anyone should be draining paint water into rivers, lakes, streams and the ocean because we don't know if living things and other organisms will react badly to whatever our paints are made of. Well, that problem has been solved by water brushes. 

I haven't traveled anywhere with watercolors yet (unless going from my home office desk to the family room floor can count as such) but like everyone who has tried water brushes whether indoors or outdoors, in the middle of nowhere, I'm really loving them. The set I'm reviewing has a capacity of about 4.4cc/mL (I use a plastic syringe, without the needle, to fill up the water brush with water from a 3.5oz travel shampoo bottle on my desk). It doesn't leak from the barrel like some cheap water brushes I've heard about on YouTube, and like all nylon-bristled water brushes, the bristles will get a permanent paint stain on them. 

Nylon bristles are now permanently stained

It doesn't affect your painting as long as you rinse the bristles by squeezing the barrel and wiping the bristles on a rag or paper towel to clean off the current color/pigment until clean water comes out before you change colors, and you'll be fine. Rinsing these water brushes prior to switching colors was actually not bad. If you already have 2 pots of water set up, you can by all means rinse your water brushes the usual way and use your water brushes like you would a non-water brush paint brush. 

Water flow is good. I found that I do need to squeeze the barrel with a bit more effort especially when doing washes for wet-on-wet techniques. For wet-on-dry techniques, these water brushes performed really well despite having water in the barrel, as long as you don't squeeze the barrel and that you maintain a very relaxed hold on the barrel. If you have a tendency to grip hard when doing detailed work, I suggest moving your fingers closer to the bristles and grip the part where the filter is or what would be the equivalent of the ferrule. What I did was I dried the bristles on an old face towel first then dipped the brush into the paint and painted on dry paper. Because the bristles are made of nylon, they snap back into shape and you can easily control the marks or strokes you put on the paper. Definitely no surprise, weird marks from these brushes unless it was your intent to make those weird marks on paper. 

The downside to these particular nylon bristles and probably because of their size, it takes a lot more time to soak up excess paint puddles for medium to large washes on your palette compared to other synthetic paint brushes (I have the Master's Touch synthetic watercolor brushes from Hobby Lobby to compare with). This set I got are round brushes sized small (approx. between brush sizes 5-6), medium (approx. a size 8 brush), and large (approx. a size 12 brush). The points are quite pointy so technically, you can get away with a large or a medium water brush even for very detailed work. The brushes picked up a decent amount of pigment (and here I used a Prang Oval 8-color set because they're cheap, has good pigment compared to other children/student grade watercolor sets, doesn't dry up chalky, and you can buy refill strips on Amazon or once you've used up the Prang colors and you want to upgrade to Daniel Smith or you just want to try paint tubes, you can clean out the empty oval pans and squeeze your paint tubes in it since the Prang Oval pans hold a lot more paint than the regular half pans) when I'm making my puddles for washes or when mixing paints to create blue green or mixing blue and orange to get gray.

For the amount of water in the barrel, I'm quite surprised and happy to share that, they lasted quite a while and they remained clean.  They lasted through 2 watercolor paintings on a 5.5"x8" 140lb.(300gsm), cold press, Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal. The large water brush, which I used the most and half of one page I did a wet-on-wet technique using the water in the barrel, had very little water left, like maybe 3-5% water whereas the medium water brush was barely used so it probably still had 85% water left and the small brush, which I used to color in the letters, had probably 75% water left. 

I have to say though that having this spill-proof, 3.5oz travel shampoo bottle filled with tap water did save me from using a lot of the water in the barrels especially when I was activating the paints and making puddles in my palette for washes. Since the travel bottle gives out a drop of water at a time, it was really easy to activate the paints with literally just one tiny drop and it was really easy and a lot more controllable to add drops of water for washes instead of using a syringe or your non-water brush paint brush. It is also equally convenient to just use the syringe to refill the water brush barrels from the travel water bottle when you don't have access to a sink. These water brushes in conjunction with a 3.5oz travel water bottle and an old 100% cotton face towel definitely removed my fear of spilling paint water all over my desk and possibly ruining any and all electronics on my desk or spilling paint water all over the carpet in the family room or worse, my dog drinking paint water and getting really sick and/or dying from it. Having these water brushes even if you're not one to paint outdoors or in the middle of nowhere, I think is a must have especially if you don't mind synthetic or nylon bristles or if you're afraid of spilling paint water everywhere or just for the sheer convenience of it.

Prang + Waterbrush Sample 1

Prang + Waterbrush Sample 2

Friday, November 30, 2018


It's getting a lot colder here in Colorado and we've seen a couple of snow days. Better make sure your furnace and water heater are in tip top shape. And because our furnace and water heater haven't been replaced in quite some time, my husband and I decided it's time to replace them both before they break down and stop working in the dead of a cold winter night. The furnace has been fully replaced in one afternoon but the water heater is taking a bit of time because we've switched from a 40gallon tank to a tankless water heater. I'm really excited to have that done so my husband can take as long of a hot shower as much as he want and I don't have to deal with running out of hot water ever.

Christmas decorations are up all around my neighborhood now that Thanksgiving is over. But in our house, we put up our Christmas decors the weekend after Halloween. Why? Because it was snowing that weekend and what better way to spend indoors than to put up your Christmas decors with a good and hearty (made from scratch) Chicken Ramen Noodle soup on the stove? And not to mention, hot cocoa for the husband and hot peppermint tea for me. For the life of us, we couldn't get the Silver Star tree topper to sit right at the top of the tree this year, so, I had this brilliant idea to put Gnomie (my husband's stuffed Gnome - yes, he's very much into Gnomes) as this year's tree topper. I mean, it makes sense - to me at least - since he has a pointy hat and his arms and feet can be the other points of the star. Now our tree definitely has a personality of it's own.

On the crafty side of things, I finally ordered these locking earring hooks that has the lever backs and it arrived on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018, and I spent the afternoon replacing the earring hooks on all of my dangling earrings because 2 years ago, I lost one of my favorite dangling earrings because the collar of my winter coat and the top of my scarf pushed one of the earrings out and ever since then, I've stopped wearing all of my really cute dangly earrings for fear of losing more of them. I didn't want to just get the silicone backings to secure the earring hooks because a lot of times those can slip off too, not to mention earring hooks do not travel well. I have travelled with a pair of dangly pearl earrings with the lever back and they were awesome! I fell asleep on the plane with it just fine and best of all, I didn't lost my earrings. 

Wire Hook Earrings on all of my dangling earrings

Silicone Earring Backings

Earring Hooks with Lever Backs

And since I still had quite a bit of those earring hooks with lever backs left and no more earrings to replace, I decided to use them on my collection of cell phone charms.

Back in the 90's (at least in Asia), every girl/woman has a collection of cell phone charms and both boys and girls/men and women have a collection of cell phone covers to either match your mood, the weather, your clothes, your purse or just to express your unique and individual personality. Cell phone charms and covers are really cheap in Manila where I grew up so all throughout college until I moved here in 2009, all the cell phones I had back then were small (like the Nokia 8210) and they all had notches to loop your cell phone charms through. I only had maybe 3 cell phone covers in Pink, Yellow and Red for the Nokia 8210 but when I upgraded from that, I ditched the phone covers since they're phone model specific but I continued collecting the charms. Of course, I brought them over with me when I moved but unfortunately I hadn't had the chance to use them at all since 2009 and I switched to iPhones. So now, with the charm threads replaced by the earring lever hooks, I can now use them as stitch markers, notions pouch/project bag/wallet/purse charms! 

Beach Collection

Chinese Heritage Collection

Anime Card Captor Sakura Collection

Plush and Large Collection

Dolphin Collection

Hello Kitty Collection

Random Collection

October Libra Collection

Teddy Bear Collection

Mostly Tigger and Eeyore Collection

Rhinestone Collection

The Complete ex-Cellphone Charm Collection

I'm progressing nicely with my plain jane socks projects. I'm almost done with the silver & red color scheme and will be moving on to single colored socks with the teal, brown and purple Woolike yarn skeins that I have left. After I use up all of those, I can buy more yarn. Can't wait for that. Being on a yarn diet is hard!!!

I honestly thought I only managed 1 watercolor painting this month but apparently, I did 4! Yay for me!

Colorado Purple Mountains

Misty Mountains

Center Of My Life

Winter Trees

Before I end this post, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone of you, dear readers and crafters for this wonderful community. I hope you had a delicious and fun thanksgiving with family and friends. Stay inspired and keep crafting and reading!

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More Plain Jane Socks - yarn I'm using is Loops & Threads Woolike Super Fine, Mauve & Cool Gray colorway, 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon; Super Fine weight; using a Clover Soft Touch hook US size C/2.75mm

Finished 3 pairs so far in this color scheme...

Currently Crocheting

Crochet Carnation Pattern Tutorial 77 by - yarn I'm using is Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 Crochet Thread, Orchid Pink and Natural colorways, 100% Mercerized Cotton, lace weight; using a Clover Soft Touch hook size 1.75mm

More Plain Jane Socks - yarn I'm using is Loops & Threads Woolike Super Fine, Mauve & Cool Gray colorway, 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon; Super Fine weight; using a Clover Soft Touch hook US size C/2.75mm

The last pair in this color combination


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