Sunday, December 13, 1998

[Poetry] My Dreams

My dreams...
I wish they would come true.
My dreams...
Twice already about you.
My dreams...
They make me feel glad.
My dreams about you,
How I wish it'll come true;
That proposal dream,
Did you dream about it too?
My dreams about you,
Is it coming true?
That date I promised you,
Is it really this Wednesday?
Dreams indeed are dreams,
You really don't know;
Is it the opposite or exactly as it is?
Only I can make it come true.
Can they really come true?
What about my dreams?
Let's see when you come home.
My dreams of you,
When will they come true?
Of course, upon his return;
Please, come home really soon.

Saturday, December 12, 1998

[Poetry] A Christmas Wish

A christmas wish,
Is a special wish;
One that you make,
On a christmas day.
A christmas wish,
Is all I have;
To give to you,
This christmas eve.
A christmas wish,
Specially for you;
I asked of God,
For Him to grant.
A christmas wish,
Is a special one;
And my wish is that,
God bless you more.
A christmas wish,
Is a special wish;
Made by a loving heart,
For someone like you.
A christmas wish,
Is made for you;
By someone,
Who loves you most.

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

[Poetry] My Only Wish

My only wish,
Is for you to be here;
Right by my side,
Everyday of my life.
My only wish,
Is to be near you;
And to feel you're here.
Everyday of my life.
My only wish,
Is to hear your voice;
To feel your arms around me,
For as long as I live.
My only wish,
Is for you to come home;
And say I'm yours,
For as long as you live.
My only wish,
Is for you to say;
That I'm that girl,
In the autograph you signed.
My only wish,
Is to see you once again;
Sliding a ring down my finger,
And saying I love you.
My only wish,
Is for my wish to come true;
And when I'm with you,
Together we'll make it come true.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

[Poetry] You Are The One

If you are to ask me,
What an ideal guy is for me?
I tell you, I found him.
If you ask me,
What is he like?
I'd say, he's different.
If you ask me,
Where did we meet?
I met him in high school.
Of course I know,
You'd like to know when?
It was during our sophomore year.
And I do know that,
You're dying to know how?
He was my classmate through junior year.
In two words,
I tell you;
He's intelligent and nice.
I remember the time,
We sat side by side;
All throughout our sophomore classes.
And all throughout our junior year,
We haven't had a decent conversation;
A conversation shared by close friends.
Before the year ended,
You handed me your new address;
Why do you have to leave?
You didn't say a word,
I mailed you letters;
You haven't answered any of them.
I can still clearly remember,
How I said to myself;
You are the one.
And then I met a fortuneteller,
Who said we'd be together;
I don't know if I should believe.
But one thing I know for sure,
Deep here in my heart;
You are the one forever.

Friday, November 27, 1998

[Poetry] Is There Someone New?

Perhaps you'd like to know,
Is there someone new?
And then I'd tell you,
No, there isn't.
Perhaps you'd like to know,
If your charm's running out;
And then I'd tell you,
Maybe but then again maybe not.
Perhaps you'd like to know by now,
Who I really am;
'Coz if you do I'd like to know,
How hard it was to figure it out.
Perhaps you'd like to know,
Who is behind all this?
Maybe someday I'd tell you,
And someday may or may not come.
I guess I'd just tell you now,
How good it felt when all is gone;
Is there someone new?
Maybe, but still I'd say there isn't.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

[Poetry] This Crush of Mine

It's been a long time since I last saw you,
I didn't expect to see you and I wasn't glad.
There are times I'd want to see you or just catch a glimpse,
And there are times I hated seeing you around.
Every time I search for you,
You're nowhere to be found.
And every time it's unexpected,
There you are just before me.
I think I know now what to do,
In case you do recognize me.
This crush of mine,
Has gone at last.
I'm glad it's you,
This crush of mine.
I'm glad it was you,
I'm glad it's over.
Though at times unexpectedly,
My heart still skips a beat.
Still I'm glad it's over,
'Coz it just doesn't feel right.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

[Poetry] My Life Today

My life today differs from yesterday,
In all things great and small.
My life today is like a whirlwind,
That passes quickly by.
My life today is like a ticking clock,
So much to do with little time.
My life today is a step ahead,
But far from victory.
My life could be the best or worst,
It all depends on me.

Friday, September 18, 1998

[Poetry] Fantasies

The skies are clear and bright,
The clouds are a puffy white;
The world is filled with happiness,
That I have never know.
Walking down the beach,
The salty breeze blowing on our faces;
It's not the sun that keeps me warm,
But the nearness of you.
Chasing each other under the rain,
The streets deserted, bystanders staring;
Two people, a couple perhaps, it's what they thought,
Wet by the rain but not cold.
A romantic dinner for the two of us,
With candle and a soft music is playing;
Sweet words were whispered in my ear as we dance,
Then so suddenly, the spell was broken.
It was just another fancy fantasy,
A storm is blowing chilling me to the bones;
All alone, deserted, and empty,
The truth is loneliness chilled me most.
They say dreams can come true,
It's just a silly fantasy of mine;
Maybe someday...
It will all come true.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

[Poetry] Something is Missing

After that Thursday incident,
It left me giddy with happiness;
A happiness no words can describe it.
Then came Tuesday afternoon;
The moment I spotted you,
My heart skipped a beat.
There is something odd in this picture,
Somehow, I can't put a finger in it;
All I know is that something is missing.
It was a Wednesday when I saw you again;
Wondering whom you're waiting for,
As I stood quite near you.
I can sense something is wrong,
It's just at the tip of my tongue;
It is true that something is missing.
A rainy Thursday morning,
I saw you once again;
And perhaps for the last time this week.
I don't know why I kept on searching for you;
I spotted you at last, waiting for the bus,
Again, something is missing here.
The usual happiness I felt whenever I see you,
Wasn't there that Thursday morning;
I know now that something big is missing.
Have I forgotten you so soon?
I'm expecting it would take quite a while to do so;
All I know is that I decided against you.
Wondering how I'd feel if I see you again,
I won't expect much 'coz something is missing;
It's just now that I know what's missing.
Somehow, I know I have forgotten you,
Well, it's just... maybe...
Then again...maybe not.

Monday, September 14, 1998

[Poetry] What Should I Do?

What should I do,
Just to get a glimpse of you?
For you to smile in my direction,
Makes my knees go weak.
What should I do?
To keep this heart of mine;
From beatin' so fast,
Whenever you're around?
What should I do,
Just to see your face?
I can't stare at you,
Unless you're unaware.
What should I do,
For I don't know;
Who or what you're staring at?
Wanting to be unseen.
What should I do,
If it was me?
If it wasn't me...
Then who?
What should I do,
With tears in my eyes;
The joy in my face,
I saw you at last.
What should I do,
I can't let you see me;
Then I turned my back on you,
So you won't see me blushing deeply.
What should I do,
'Coz age does matters to me?
Why should I have to decide,
Between you and my principles?
What should I do,
To forget you?
How could I do that,
When we're in the same university?
What should I do,
If you recognized me;
Who wrote this poem,
Just for you?

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

[Poetry] Eternally In Love

Remember the times together?
It was the happiest moment.
Remember watching the sunset together?
It was the most beautiful.
Remember that fateful day we spent together?
It was February 14.
We were once young and in love;
But now I'm old and you're buried here.
That fateful day, when I love you most;
Time took you away to the House of the Dead.
Many years of separation and loneliness;
Time came for me, to be here beside you forever.
That fateful day,
My love for you, never died with you.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

[Poetry] Friends are Forever

The very first day,
That I laid eyes on you;
I know in my heart,
The great soul that you have.
The very first day,
That we spent together;
My heart felt light with joy,
I know I wanted to be your friend.
To the very last day,
That we spent together;
Before we parted,
I know that we're friends.
Up to this time,
As I reminisce our past;
I know deep in my heart,
We'll be friends forever.