Friday, September 18, 1998

[Poetry] Fantasies

The skies are clear and bright,
The clouds are a puffy white;
The world is filled with happiness,
That I have never know.
Walking down the beach,
The salty breeze blowing on our faces;
It's not the sun that keeps me warm,
But the nearness of you.
Chasing each other under the rain,
The streets deserted, bystanders staring;
Two people, a couple perhaps, it's what they thought,
Wet by the rain but not cold.
A romantic dinner for the two of us,
With candle and a soft music is playing;
Sweet words were whispered in my ear as we dance,
Then so suddenly, the spell was broken.
It was just another fancy fantasy,
A storm is blowing chilling me to the bones;
All alone, deserted, and empty,
The truth is loneliness chilled me most.
They say dreams can come true,
It's just a silly fantasy of mine;
Maybe someday...
It will all come true.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

[Poetry] Something is Missing

After that Thursday incident,
It left me giddy with happiness;
A happiness no words can describe it.
Then came Tuesday afternoon;
The moment I spotted you,
My heart skipped a beat.
There is something odd in this picture,
Somehow, I can't put a finger in it;
All I know is that something is missing.
It was a Wednesday when I saw you again;
Wondering whom you're waiting for,
As I stood quite near you.
I can sense something is wrong,
It's just at the tip of my tongue;
It is true that something is missing.
A rainy Thursday morning,
I saw you once again;
And perhaps for the last time this week.
I don't know why I kept on searching for you;
I spotted you at last, waiting for the bus,
Again, something is missing here.
The usual happiness I felt whenever I see you,
Wasn't there that Thursday morning;
I know now that something big is missing.
Have I forgotten you so soon?
I'm expecting it would take quite a while to do so;
All I know is that I decided against you.
Wondering how I'd feel if I see you again,
I won't expect much 'coz something is missing;
It's just now that I know what's missing.
Somehow, I know I have forgotten you,
Well, it's just... maybe...
Then again...maybe not.

Monday, September 14, 1998

[Poetry] What Should I Do?

What should I do,
Just to get a glimpse of you?
For you to smile in my direction,
Makes my knees go weak.
What should I do?
To keep this heart of mine;
From beatin' so fast,
Whenever you're around?
What should I do,
Just to see your face?
I can't stare at you,
Unless you're unaware.
What should I do,
For I don't know;
Who or what you're staring at?
Wanting to be unseen.
What should I do,
If it was me?
If it wasn't me...
Then who?
What should I do,
With tears in my eyes;
The joy in my face,
I saw you at last.
What should I do,
I can't let you see me;
Then I turned my back on you,
So you won't see me blushing deeply.
What should I do,
'Coz age does matters to me?
Why should I have to decide,
Between you and my principles?
What should I do,
To forget you?
How could I do that,
When we're in the same university?
What should I do,
If you recognized me;
Who wrote this poem,
Just for you?