Friday, September 18, 1998

[Poetry] Fantasies

The skies are clear and bright,
The clouds are a puffy white;
The world is filled with happiness,
That I have never know.
Walking down the beach,
The salty breeze blowing on our faces;
It's not the sun that keeps me warm,
But the nearness of you.
Chasing each other under the rain,
The streets deserted, bystanders staring;
Two people, a couple perhaps, it's what they thought,
Wet by the rain but not cold.
A romantic dinner for the two of us,
With candle and a soft music is playing;
Sweet words were whispered in my ear as we dance,
Then so suddenly, the spell was broken.
It was just another fancy fantasy,
A storm is blowing chilling me to the bones;
All alone, deserted, and empty,
The truth is loneliness chilled me most.
They say dreams can come true,
It's just a silly fantasy of mine;
Maybe someday...
It will all come true.

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