Friday, November 27, 1998

[Poetry] Is There Someone New?

Perhaps you'd like to know,
Is there someone new?
And then I'd tell you,
No, there isn't.
Perhaps you'd like to know,
If your charm's running out;
And then I'd tell you,
Maybe but then again maybe not.
Perhaps you'd like to know by now,
Who I really am;
'Coz if you do I'd like to know,
How hard it was to figure it out.
Perhaps you'd like to know,
Who is behind all this?
Maybe someday I'd tell you,
And someday may or may not come.
I guess I'd just tell you now,
How good it felt when all is gone;
Is there someone new?
Maybe, but still I'd say there isn't.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

[Poetry] This Crush of Mine

It's been a long time since I last saw you,
I didn't expect to see you and I wasn't glad.
There are times I'd want to see you or just catch a glimpse,
And there are times I hated seeing you around.
Every time I search for you,
You're nowhere to be found.
And every time it's unexpected,
There you are just before me.
I think I know now what to do,
In case you do recognize me.
This crush of mine,
Has gone at last.
I'm glad it's you,
This crush of mine.
I'm glad it was you,
I'm glad it's over.
Though at times unexpectedly,
My heart still skips a beat.
Still I'm glad it's over,
'Coz it just doesn't feel right.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

[Poetry] My Life Today

My life today differs from yesterday,
In all things great and small.
My life today is like a whirlwind,
That passes quickly by.
My life today is like a ticking clock,
So much to do with little time.
My life today is a step ahead,
But far from victory.
My life could be the best or worst,
It all depends on me.