Thursday, December 3, 1998

[Poetry] You Are The One

If you are to ask me,
What an ideal guy is for me?
I tell you, I found him.
If you ask me,
What is he like?
I'd say, he's different.
If you ask me,
Where did we meet?
I met him in high school.
Of course I know,
You'd like to know when?
It was during our sophomore year.
And I do know that,
You're dying to know how?
He was my classmate through junior year.
In two words,
I tell you;
He's intelligent and nice.
I remember the time,
We sat side by side;
All throughout our sophomore classes.
And all throughout our junior year,
We haven't had a decent conversation;
A conversation shared by close friends.
Before the year ended,
You handed me your new address;
Why do you have to leave?
You didn't say a word,
I mailed you letters;
You haven't answered any of them.
I can still clearly remember,
How I said to myself;
You are the one.
And then I met a fortuneteller,
Who said we'd be together;
I don't know if I should believe.
But one thing I know for sure,
Deep here in my heart;
You are the one forever.

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