Monday, September 27, 1999

[Poetry] War's End

Dedicated to East Timor

The skies are a tinted gray,
And smoke is everywhere;
Bombings are heard here and there,
Coupled with chaos and fear.
Soldiers marching to their end,
Their hearts filled with hope, they'd win;
One man remains standing now,
And thought the battle he won.
As he turned and walked away,
A gun's shot fired through the air;
Pain shot through him as he turned,
As he faced the battlefield.
There he saw a man lying,
Wounded and bathed in his blood;
Barely breathing and moving,
Holding up his own rifle.
Then he saw death's hideous face,
Standing right before him;
He stood tall and faced death,
Then he prayed before he sleep.

Monday, May 24, 1999

[Poetry] Springtime

Flowers bloom in springtime,
Filling the world with their flowery scent;
Dotting the green grass,
In all shades of color.
Aside from the flowers in spring,
Here come the butterflies;
And the bees that stings,
To join the flowers on the field.
Emotions arise in springtime,
It could be loss and hope;
Anger or hatred,
But the best of all is love.
Through the window you can see,
Flowers blooming everywhere;
Lovers walking here and there,
Enjoying the flowers as they go.
Wouldn't it be nice,
To share all this with someone close?
I'll bet you agree,
Well, so do I.
And here I am,
Hoping it'll be with you;
But emotions like this,
Has left me so confused.
What have you got,
That makes me feel so?
Wanting to see you,
Then getting hurt later.
I've never felt jealousy,
But now I have;
Deciding I'll just forget you,
And learning that I can't.
Every minute of every day,
You always cross my mind;
All my friends says I've fallen in love,
But I myself am not so sure.
Just like you,
I'm not ready just yet;
To love somebody,
When there are feelings to be cleared.
Though it's not anger nor hatred that I feel,
But rather hope that he'll return;
Before you I was sure he's the one,
But now I met you, I don't know anymore.
How I wish I hadn't met you,
So things wouldn't be so complicated;
Is there anything you'd like to say,
Before it's all too late?

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

[Poetry] Heaven Sent Angels

May this angel by my side,
Reveal to me;
His face tonight.
May the Lord allow you,
My guardian angel;
To let your presence known.
My guardian angel,
I call on you to make my wish;
Mikael, please!
My angel Mikael,
Please grant my wish;
I beg of you.
On a Sunday,
Must I pray;
Just for you to make it true.
How can I talk to you,
And you replying back;
Is that possible?
Please talk to me,
My guardian angel;
As I pray.