Friday, January 19, 2001

[Poetry] A Nation Torn Apart

The president on trial,
The senators a judge;
The economy in peril,
The people divided.
Is there a greater crisis than this?
None, for this is the greatest.
Are there still honest people?
I guess, only a handful; maybe less.
The people believed in him,
Voted him and trusted him;
He destroyed that trust,
He destroyed the nation.
It all started with taxes.
They said taxpayers cheat on their taxes.
Who wouldn't?
When the government is corrupt?
Reform should start with the government.
Put honest men in office,
And maybe then, tax collections would increase;
Allowing a greater percentage to pay our debt.
In due time,
Every debt will be paid;
Every needs accommodated,
Every project accomplished.
That is my view of the future.
If only those few honest men,
Will have the patience and diligence,
Maybe there is hope for us.
Right here, right now,
In the face of crisis;
I am at a loss,
For a nation is being torn apart.