Wednesday, July 14, 2004

[Essay] Once Is Enough, Twice Is Too Much, Thrice May Be Deadly

Do you believe in the title of this entry? I do and it could mean a lot of things in this diversified world of ours. It could portray our wish list (i.e. those things we'd like to do before we leave this life), our mistakes, our relationships, our health, our decisions & our loves.

Normally, people inflicted with terminal illness tend to make wish lists to help divert their attention and to at least regain a sense of normalcy for their everyday life. Usually, this wish list of theirs consists of things they wanted to do or events they wanted to go to. It's not really the material things they wanted but the experience of life in the fullest, knowing that their time is nearly up. So they make the best of what is left. How I wish healthy people would have such care & reverence for life such as they!

The saying is also true when it comes to making mistakes because when we commit one for the first time, we are bound to learn something significant from it and rise above a similar situation in the future.

Same too with relationships but let's focus more on what psychologists termed as "unhealthy relationships." They called it such because both the relationship and the people involved are not growing in a positive way. Instead, it's destroying their self-esteem and confidence. If ever, you've got the guts to quit on such a relationship from hell, try to abstain from it for such depression that only a bad relationship can bring could have long-term effects to your intelligence, well-being & spirit.

When it comes to health, almost if not all teenagers would like to try new things even if they're educated on it & knew what the after-effects are. Examples for the youth and adults as well are smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling &

All the above examples have long-term bad effects except in certain cases when it comes to gambling (for a provoked sore-loser could kill you on the spot!). Smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling & sex is okay once, if you really can't quench that curiosity and you think it would only stop if you had a little taste. But STOP after that one little taste, except of course if you're a married person (for sex is an active part of marriage & family but do it with only one partner if you please!) and choose your partner well! Doing the above examples twice could start a habit until one day you'll wake up & find yourselves with lung cancer, cancer of the liver, a drug dependent (therefore you'll either be locked up in rehab, jail or in a mental facility/institution), STDs or worse, HIV. While it is true that science has already an antidote for cancer & HIV will follow soon, but WHY LET YOURSELF GO THROUGH THE AGONY & SUFFERING WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO STAY CLEAR OF THESE VICES IN THE FIRST PLACE?

When faced with difficult situations that needs to be decided upon with great care, we tend to come up with at least 5 options, paths, or strategies and each has a predetermined or self-projected consequence. As a result when we chose one of the five choices and it backfired, we tend to play the "what if" game while the situation is still fresh. But after some time, when we find ourselves in yet another similar situation (remember, history repeats itself), we tend to come up with another 5 and make the same mistake all over again! It would seem that we didn't learn from before. You may be right. So the challenge here is to remember what the other 4 options were & choose among the remaining 4. Who knows? You might get a more favorable outcome. If not, there are still 3 options left! Just don't use the same decision a million times when you know that it won't work.

And here comes the last but certainly not love. We have a lot of loves that will certainly come and go throughout the course of our lives and we can only learn from the experience and live through the loss and try not to be so foolish as we were before.

We have also heard of various love stories from family and friends and we too can learn from their mistakes, same goes with the various love stories we read in history books, novels & anecdotes.

There are great stories to learn from if only we would listen, pay really close attention to the details & keep the lesson close to your heart.

An example would be an obsessive lover. As you have read the book entitled, "Valentine." I'm sure you'll understand why something so innocent as love could turn out to be deadly.

A classic example of history repeating itself is that of an obssessive guy, following around your mom (when she was your age) everywhere she goes & then it happens to your older sister & then to yourself! So what do you do? Ask your mom & sister what they did to ditch the guy without getting themselves killed in the process & follow their example. If you do just the opposite & encouraged his unwanted attention, he could be so scarred by your rejection in the end that he could be plotting your kidnapping and digging up your grave so no one else will have you! The moral lesson here is not to play with fire for you might get burned. It would be nice if it turned out to be heaven but what if it's hell instead? How do you get out?

In conclusion, I would like to remind everyone that ONCE IS ENOUGH, TWICE IS TOO MUCH, AND THRICE MAY BE DEADLY.

Wouldn't life be so much more fun-filled if you try all of the "healthy" activities available at least once so that when you look back, you can say more or less, that you've already done everything imaginable!

Live life to the fullest - IN A HEALTHY WAY!

Saturday, July 3, 2004

[Essay] Reflections From A Man Buried Alive

During breakfast two days ago, I encountered a news article entitled "Man Buried Alive."

I can't help but be interested and so I read the short article and most probably as of this writing, he's currently applying for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for having defeated the record of a man who was buried alive for 4 days! Imagine that!

This guy (sorry, I forgot where he's located), was buried for 10 days without food, water & light. He survived & communicated with his loved ones through a tube attached to the coffin extending upwards to the outside world. And throughout his "experiment," he realized a few things and I would like to quote him:

"While I was underground, I thought about all the things happening in the world, and I realize that human life is so futile that we must be glad for the time given to us. We should respect our lives."

And I believe the lives of others too if I might add.

The above quotation got stuck on my mind that I forgot everything else about the man himself. Though it could definitely be harmful to our health if we too tried his experiment on ourselves, his words are worth of our own attention and reflection given this trying times whether it be political, social, or personal.

I'm going to refrain from giving my opinion on the political issue because it just might raise a few if not a multitude of arguments so to keep things peaceful, I'm going to comment on the social & personal issues.

On a social scale, just looking through the news would definitely give us an idea on how human life is so futile. There being various crimes committed, drugs and alcohol and other life-threatening elements all around us. Crimes are self explanatory and so are drugs. Now maybe you're thinking that alcohol only harms the one drinking but if you'd take a minute to think, I hope you'll realize that it isn't so. Especially when you drink and drive because clearly, it is a manifestation that an alcoholic has no respect whatsoever for his own health and is completely disregarding the safety of the innocent people around him who could be in an accident because of one irresponsible
drunk driver. I guess same goes with smoking.

On a personal level, the perfect example would be how a few heartbroken people kill themselves because some girl/boy dumps them for another. Didn't they realize that if it's not meant to's not meant to be??? True that it hurts so bad when the person you thought who loves you leaves you instead for another BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! Instead, we should get up, wash our faces and get out - enjoy being single once again, meet new people - falling out with someone is just a way for us to learn something, for us to be stronger emotionally, a time to focus on ourselves and to take greater care of ourselves. Why did I say that last part? Well, based on observation and a few interviews from reliable sources, people in relationships - esp. in a give & give or take & take relationship-the ones who give & give tend to forget themselves & become less of a person compared to what they were before the relationship. You know what I, I'm saying that now is the time to do all the things you were planning to do before you got hooked up with some jerk (sorry for the bad language). Now is the time to rebuild your self-esteem & confidence. A time to pamper yourself and most of all, a time to love yourself a little more correction - A LOT MORE!

For others to learn to love & respect you, you yourself should learn to love & respect yourself. And the rest will follow your lead.