Thursday, December 30, 2004

[Poetry] The First Bend

Friends of old we are to each,
By distance, we're oceans apart;
Though we have but lost in touch,
Our friendship's still a part of us.
Our worlds meld as one,
As we chat and joked;
Renewed our friendship,
Recalled our mem'ries.
And though I'm glad,
I'm a bit sad;
For I just learned,
Of mem'ries lost.
As of now it's hopeless,
To find the answers I've long been seeking;
For you have forgotten,
What you did, felt and the reason behind.
As I journey on,
This lonely road I take;
May you remember,
The past that so haunts me.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

[Poetry] A Heart's Journey

In the hours where midnight falls,
I lay awake.
Stars and moonlight littered the skies,
I'm lost in thought.
Two weeks to go not counting eight years past,
Will I see you again.
My thoughts are jumbled, my soul's alight;
My heart says yes and no.
Not knowing when, where or how,
And now it just seem to be.
I've waited this long I've come this far;
Only to feel lost and unsure.
Should I go or should I stay?
I ask myself.
If I stay, would I prefer;
A future of regrets?
And if I go, must I prepare;
For pain that's sure to come?
Now is the time to close that chapter;
Which was long in coming.
The time has come, the quest is ended;
Let the truth be known.
Questions longed and answers sought;
To rest my mind, my heart, my soul.
Through time and space, destinies may change;
May God keep my heart in yours.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

[Poetry] A Spirit No More

I slept at four,
On christmas morn;
You came to me as dawn approach,
A faceless man no more.
And in my dreams I was at work,
Antagonized every minute;
By the important new guy,
That was you.
Arrogant and self-centered,
You brought me tears and rage;
All-consuming hatred I felt and learned,
The only choice I have is out.
They wouldn't, you wouldn't;
I had but to endure,
Your misbehavior and disrespect;
Just because of the foreign prince that you are.
I resisted, but you were insistent;
That I remain beside you,
In every moment;
Of every day.
My body is tired,
My soul is weary;
My mind is blank,
My heart is heavy.
You coerced me to have our portraits done,
In costumes of old we posed;
My face an expressionless mask,
While your eyes shone down with love.
A pretty picture we are they say,
You gave me one you kept the other;
You showered me with roses,
That went straight to the garbage.
I hated you still,
For all that I've had to endure;
You could be gentle and kind,
But why only now?
Time is short and you have to go,
Back to your kingdom, your people;
Days were long the nights seemed endless,
As you await for my sweet "I do."
It never came how could it be?
When all you've brought me is tears and pain?
You have destroyed my faith and hope,
My heart, my soul, my love.