Sunday, November 27, 2005

[Poetry] Down The Tree-Lined Path

And so we met;
Stories exchanged,
Of then and now,
And what lies ahead.
Now that you're here,
I find myself drifting;
Far and out of sight,
...Out of reach.
Like the fragile glass of illusion,
A heavy fog is one that blocks my sight;
I've allowed myself to drift... to live,
Inside shadows and mists.
Broken shards of brilliant glass,
Is raining down on me,
The thick, clammy fog has lifted,
Bathing me with the sun's healing rays.
Free of shadows and of the past,
I am free to run... to skip... to fly;
The journey I started with you,
Is now at an end.
Down the tree-lined path,
I ran... I danced;
Excitement brewing to a boil,
To discover what lies just ahead.
Down this path,
I leave you behind;
As I journey on... alone,
With renewed wonder and laughter.
This one is for me.

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