Monday, April 16, 2007

[Essay] Have You Been Thankful Lately?

A few nights ago, this was the topic being shared and discussed in the evening program of Mellow 94.7, a radio station that I've been listening to for ages. Despite the seriousness of the topic, many of its listeners responded through sms, via the yahoo messenger, while others called in their responses.

The topic for me was an eye-opener, a spiritual journey because although I say my prayers of thanks every day and night, and I try to offer a thanksgiving Mass every Sunday, I feel that it didn't count at all. Why? I know that I have a lot to be thankful for but deep down inside my heart, I don't feel truly thankful. It is as if I'm still taking everything for granted. Yes, I do say my prayers of thanks but I believe you have to feel it deep in your heart, in your soul. Without it, it would be all for nothing because it felt hollow, like an empty shell.

As I ask the question to myself again: Have you been thankful lately? I find myself answering with a solid, resounding YES! From the big things like being blessed to see the light of another day when others die in their sleep, having a stable job so near home when others are still searching for theirs, having a loving & supportive family when others are already orphaned or worse - unloved, having loyal friends when others have friends only during the good times; to the small things like my slow dot-matrix printer at the office, my Jurassic office computer, my gadgets that keeps me entertained throughout the day, naps during lunch break, even for the irritating phone calls that I receive throughout the day because it teaches me to be a little more patient.

How about you, have you been thankful lately?