Wednesday, April 18, 2007

[Essay] Things I Learned Since Last Week

I have forgotten exactly when this was the topic of conversation in the Mellow 94.7 conference room. But I am pretty sure it was last week. So since that question was posted and again, most of its listeners shared their thoughts on it, I thought to myself that I should always be on the look out for something new that I learned to spice things up a little in the workplace.

So what is it that I have learned this past two weeks?

First, I learned to hold my tongue before blurting out whatever it is that’s on my mind especially when I feel irritated at someone.

Second, I learned from my officemate, who by the way never ceases to complain about the amount of business phone calls she receives especially on very “Toxic” days (she’s been complaining for 1 year now); what I’ve learned from her is not to complain about the things you have no control of but instead focus your energies on doing a good day’s work. That way, you become more efficient, you finish your work load on time and you don’t linger on negative energies that could ruin not only your day but others as well.

Third, although I have always been an organized person to the point of being obsessive-compulsive, it is only now during the audit season that I truly appreciate the value of having things well organized (or the lack of it) not only at home but most especially in the workplace. Well, if we were organized (meaning, we close the books monthly, etc), our audit work would have been smooth sailing from the start, no unnecessary overtime work (as everyone probably already knows, I hate working overtime because it makes me feel so inefficient which I know I’m not), we would be less stressed out and generally, we would have more time to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer and be able to spend a little more time with family and friends or to re-discover the person you are before you became the workaholic person that you are now. More time to explore new things, to re-ignite your passion and zest for life, to see new places and faces, the possibilities are endless!

Fourth, I learned from all of my officemates to block out any topic in their conversation that is not directly related to me, those that they don’t want to share with me and those that I find non-stimulating or disinteresting conversations. I know that I have a lot to learn on tolerance but sometimes, I really find it hard to listen and join in on conversations that aren’t meaningful or deep or at least, something I could learn from; something I termed as silly conversations like bad gossip, and really shallow topics that wouldn’t even stimulate your brain to really think hard and develop an opinion.

Finally, I’ve learned the value of tolerance (but it still needs practice) from my job itself. Basically, for me, being an accountant is not what I could call a dream job because it is so predictable - short of boring. After four years of slaving over various types of receipts and being on autopilot with technically, a five percent brain activity level (the reason for my ever increasing memory gap), I’ve learned to accept that this job is truly boring and there’s nothing I could do about it to make it more dynamic or creative, and with this acceptance comes tolerance for the heavy, stressing days and the appreciation for the super slow, quiet days at work.

I guess this is it for now…I’ll see what I can come up with next week.

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