Thursday, June 21, 2007

[Essay] Alternate Hollywood Dimension, Anyone?

Is it possible for a person to change so much so that she becomes a completely different person from the one you knew? Well, unless you’re an accomplished actor, I believe an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to pull it off so consistently. So this brings me to ask: Which then is the real person’s character and which is the mask? Could it mean that in the four years we’ve known each other she was pretending to be someone else she’s not and now she’s finally decided to unleash the real her just because of a very petty misunderstanding?

It all started when our common friends suddenly had a craving to eat at our favorite restaurant but before that, they were insisting she go with them to the mall but she declined saying that she wanted to save up. Knowing that, they didn’t thought to invite her to dine with them that night and from that time on, she changed so suddenly it’s hard to miss it unless you’re living in another planet.

So tell me, is that ground enough to ditch your old friends and change personalities when you yourself said you want to save up? Was it so wrong of my friends not to invite her to dine out with them knowing of her need to save more and spend less?

I personally don’t think so. That would be so shallow and narrow-minded. I know her to be a deep and open-minded person whenever we get to talk. I wonder where that person went off to. I miss her terribly.

For me, change is a part of life but for a person to change, it should be for the better not the other way around. But as I can see it, she has changed into something that is worse compared to who she was before and it’s hurting her friends deeply, friends who truly care about her. I just hope she comes to realize these things before she lose us all, because a person can only take so much pain from a friend, a loved one at that.