Tuesday, August 7, 2007

[Essay] What Is Important To You?

Another thought from last Sunday’s homily stuck in my head and made me think and look back to what was important to me since childhood until now and if I do still think they’re important to me.

Have you ever noticed how when you were a baby, it is more important for you to be fully fed when you cry out, to be entertained when you’re awake, to be kept dry at all times, and to be comfortable 24/7? Did you notice that at this stage of your life, everything was, is, and will always be about you? What about during your childhood years, didn’t you notice you’ve learned what sharing means, the joys of having playmates, discovering the world around you and letting your imagination soar high above the clouds and beyond? Have you ever noticed that during your adolescent and teen years, the things that are more important to you are the things that are tangible and had the latest technology and something worth bragging about? Yes, you still value non-tangible things like friendships because who are you going to brag to if not to friends, right?

As I looked back on my life, I answered yes to all the questions above and thinking about what is important to me, now that I’ve reached quarter life, I still think it’s important for me to have the basic necessities plus a few extras that technology and life has to offer. But on a deeper level, I feel that faith, friendship, honesty, and most especially, the love and support of family, friends and love ones are just as equally important and probably a little bit more on the scale. Maybe I’m getting sentimental but think about it, when you’re sad and downright blue and you’ve unwittingly isolated yourself from your family and friends or you’re stuck on a deserted island all by yourself and your gadgets, can your gadgets lend you comfort or a shoulder to cry on or give you sound advice to a love problem you’re experiencing? I don’t think so. Yes, you can call someone up but that is, if you’ve got a network signal on the island but if it’s dead, I still don’t think so. Plus, don’t you think it’s so much better to be hugging someone and be hugged back when you’re tired from work, when you’re sad, and when you’re crying your heart out? I do think all these gadgets are important in a way that it helps keep your relationships alive but of course, if you just live nearby, it would be infinitely better to be physically there to cheer up a friend, comfort a sibling, hug a parent, and hold hands with your special someone.

Now that I’ve fully thought about what’s more important to me, all those material possessions that I have and still dreamed to have one day are more like goals to achieve, something to look forward and work hard for. Although a lot would say I’m too young to think like this – as if I’m someone either with a death wish or someone suffering from a terminal illness – I believe that life is short and that we should spend more time with the people who are important to us because we’ll never know who goes first to the afterlife; people who are fun to be with and who makes us laugh, inspires us to be who we are or can be because life is about living in the moment and dreaming of the future; keep happy memories and bury the sad ones but keep the lessons you’ve learned from those sad events to help you change yourself into a better person and so as not for the past or the disastrous result to repeat itself in the present.

What about you, what is important to you these days?

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