Saturday, September 1, 2007

[Essay] Angel Encounters

Do you believe in angels? While not all of us are aware of these heavenly beings, sent down to Earth to guide us and yes - guard us from evil and basically to keep us safe from harm, there are some of us who have this strong, almost physical connection whether they are psychic or not. Whether it is true that these Angels exists or not sometimes depends on your faith or through the experiences you have encountered that made you believe these heavenly beings are truly here on Earth to guide us mortals.

Ever since I was a child, having been brought up in the Catholic faith, I believe that Angels do exists although I haven’t really had an Angel encounter until I reached college. Having already an active interest in the paranormal, I was reading everything that I could get my hands on spell crafting, witchcraft, Wicca, natural magic, and novels dealing with the supernatural world. Psychics would probably say that my own psychic powers have probably evolved. Maybe it’s psychic because during those years in college, I can vaguely feel a “spiritual presence” but it was easily relegated to the subconscious mind but after reading the novel “An Angel for Emily” by Jude Deveraux, my so-called angel awareness heightened. At first, I referred to it as intuition or what others commonly called “that inner voice.” My awareness for these heavenly beings heightened in the sense that I felt it physically in the two or three instances that it happened.

On a school day, I wake up between 4:30 to 5:00 am to reach school before 7:00 am. Even though my classes won’t start until 9:00 or 10:30 am, my mom would wake me up nonetheless so we could all go to the same university together since my mom is a professor there, me and my two other siblings study there too—the reason for this is to save on transportation expenses—hence we all go together. Normally, I go back to sleep on the way to school and to refrain from wearing badly wrinkled uniform top, I would wear a t-shirt then the prescribed skirt and dream away at the backseat of our family SUV. By that time, we all have mobile phones equipped with alarm clocks and though I set the alarm earlier, I don’t hear it go off most of the time. But I was never late for that first class. How did that happen? I would somehow always awake to the pain of being slapped in the thigh near my butt. At first I thought someone slapped me awake—my mom or siblings perhaps—but when I came to, no one was in the car except me! And the timing is also good—thirty minutes before classes start. Enough time for me to get into my blouse, fix my hair, powder my nose, wear lip gloss and casually stroll into the next building and wait by the door of the classroom. It wasn’t always a slap but sometimes, I would dream about rushing to school because I’m going to be late and I would instantly wake up. So after these series of paranormal events, I saw an interesting book about angels while I was browsing a bookstore and the title plus the attractive pink background caught my attention and I couldn’t help but purchase the book “Who Is Your Guardian Angel?” by Veronique Jarry. So now, my guardian angel has a name and he is Mikael from the Powers family. Yes angels have families too.

Another significant angel encounter was when I was crossing the street one night and I didn’t notice the approaching delivery truck. I would have been hit and probably be crippled or worse, lying six feet below the ground right now if it wasn’t for my ever vigilant Angel Mikael. I felt him pull me a step or two backwards in the nick of time because honestly, I just stood there in shock like a deer under the blaze of bright headlights. At the back of my rational mind I know it to be called reflex and yes, maybe it is but what made my brain function again and for my body to be able to follow that reflex order from my brain? I tell you, when you’re in shock, everything goes blank: you can’t feel, you can’t think, you can’t even breathe and you certainly can’t move a muscle and for a moment there, it is as if time has been put in slow motion and you can see everything clearly. After that moment of slow motion action I felt the tug at the back of my collared blouse and I stepped backwards and the truck sped by inches from where I once stood.

And so far, the latest significant angel encounter happened just last Saturday, September 1, 2007 and this is the reason why I wrote about angel encounters in the first place. It has been a week since my older sister brought up the subject of going to the Manila Seedlings Bank—a place where you could buy every possible plant seedlings available in the country and learn more about gardening and plants. When I first heard about it, I didn’t feel like going there. It’s not that I’m against plants or something but the truth is, I do enjoy sitting out in the garden and see colorful flowers and plants around; in fact, if I had a house of my own, I’d like for it to have an extensive garden filled with blooms, trees, herbs, and a little brook or pond. It is either Zen-like or wild and rioting, I still haven’t made up my mind. Anyway, that fated Saturday, my sister still wanted to go there and I have ideas of going somewhere else entirely—a place where my mom haven’t been to yet. But after my morning swim I felt like going home instead. It was such a strong feeling as if someone was whispering, “Go home, go home…,” but I didn’t listen because I thought that I’m just being lazy and tired from an hour’s swim at the hotel’s pool, and so I didn’t mention it to anyone. We stopped at the corner of Agham Road and Quezon Avenue when lo and behold, another SUV at full speed crashed into the back of our car. Despite the considerable force of the impact, our vehicle did not suffer major damage compared to the damage the other car got and for both parties, thankfully, no one was hurt. You might be thinking, how being in an accident is still considered an angel encounter? Well, for me, I still consider this an angel encounter because the first part, that inner voice was telling me—and apparently my mom too, as I later learned—not to go anywhere else but to head home instead but we—meaning me & my mom—did not listen to that voice. The second part is that it is miraculous to get out of such an impact unscathed and with little damage to our car. I guess all four of our angels got to work real fast to take on some damage control because their protégés were stupid enough not to listen. As for the driver, well he crashed into our car despite the brake lights on was because he was sleepy. So lesson learned: (1) don’t drive when you’re sleepy and intoxicated (2) listen to that inner voice or intuition.

Sometimes these angel encounters aren’t just about inner voices or your conscience speaking. Most often than not, Angels speak through the people around you, like your family or friends. It would be those instances when your parents kept on insisting you stay home instead of partying out with your friends, or your best friend telling you that someone you just met is bad news or something like that. Small and usually negligible events that sometimes make us want to sulk in a corner or scream with frustration because your day didn’t go as planned for a minute or two but after that you’re back to your cheerful self. In short, those are the instances that are very much easily forgotten.

Speaking of inner voice, there are so many instances back in college that I had, that told me to just stay home and not go with the planned outing or something and somehow, I always listened to that feeling. As I started working, there is nothing that would put me in danger because my office building is just a block away from home and because of this; I probably have forgotten to really listen to my intuition. Yes, I’m probably psychic and Angel Mikael was giving me those vibes to keep me safe from harm. So next time I get one, I promise to take heed.

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  1. Yes, I do believe in angel, like what you said sometimes you have to listen to the inner voice in you when it tells you something (not to do or to do). I have an angel before her name is Rosa she is a nice Mexican lady, smart and hard worker. She always helped me in anyway I need her. She once told me not to get back with my ex the first time I broke up with him. I didn't listen and because of that she end up not talking to me anymore. I should have listen to her because everything that she said happened and it was too late for me to have her back I guess she doesn't want to do anything with me because I didn't listen to her. It always happened to me that when I think of something not to do and I did anyway it will turn out to be negative but when I listen to myself it will turn out positive. One day, on a bad weather, when I live in a valley I was driving out for work, a tree fell and blocked the road so I have to turn around and go back to get help I don't want to miss work. Someone helped me and I was able to go ahead and drive for work. To find out that the highway I was heading had a six cars accident they all hit each other guess what if I didn't turn around the time that the accident happened I could be one of them because I am usually on that road on the time of accident. It is a dangerous curvey highway too. So I do agree with you 100%

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