Tuesday, January 15, 2008

[Book Review] Plain Jane by Fern Michaels

Plain JanePlain Jane by Fern Michaels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Part 1: From The Book Cover

Back in college, Jane Lewis would have given anything to be like homecoming queen Connie Bryan. Instead, she was just Plain Jane – overweight, frumpy, and painfully shy. That was then. Today, a lovely and confident Dr. Jane Lewis has a thriving psychotherapy practice, her own radio talk show, a beautiful old Louisiana mansion, and her affectionate, nutty dog, Olive, to keep her company. The only thing missing is someone to share her life.

Jane has never forgotten Michael Sorenson, the boy she admired from afar in college. Now, he’s inspiring her to hope for a future together. She’s also never forgotten the brutal, unsolved attack that ended Connie Bryan’s life – and haunts Jane still. Suddenly, the present collides with the past, as she finds clues into the identities of Connie’s attackers – clues that send her into a world of risk and excitement, challenging her to become a truly extraordinary woman… if she dares.

Part 2: Recommendation

To be honest, for years, my mom has Fern Michaels in her bookshelf until she decided to donate her beloved copies to charity. I don’t know why I didn’t read her then but now, after having read Plain Jane, I’d say it’s a great, intriguing, and hard-to-put-down book – one that I very much enjoyed reading – because her style is a combination of two among a dozen of my favorite authors namely Danielle Steel and Sidney Sheldon.

It’s not too dramatic but at some point, it did brought tears to my eyes and it’s not too intense but just the same, it’ll make you wonder, think, and ask about the why’s, the how’s and the what happens next.

The story of Jane made me realize that in order to be who you want to be – you know, be like the homecoming kings and queens – you have to erase all self-doubt, all self-pity, and all negative perspective in yourself and embrace self-respect, self-confidence, a positive outlook and discipline in mind and body. You don’t have to undergo plastic surgery to look pretty or handsome. Training your mind to think positive thoughts about yourself and others, giving yourself a little love and respect, and persevering in a workout prescribed by your physician will give you that radiant glow from within that will be all too hard to ignore.

With all that has been said, done and read, I guess I’ll have to make room for Fern Michaels in my bookshelf.

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