Monday, April 7, 2008

[Poetry] How Do I Love You?

I hope you never fail,
To forget just how much;
And when it seems I don’t,
Remember this because:

I love you,
With every breath that I take;
With all the hope in my heart;
Even in deepest sorrows,
I love you;
With every silent moment.

I love you,
With all the laughter I make;
With all the dreams in my heart,
Even though I am angry,
I love you;
With every tear that I cry.

I love you,
As sure as the sun rises;
As sure as the moon’s phases,
Even if the skies are dark,
I love you;
With every twinkling star.

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  1. In love na nga talaga! Iba talaga nagagawa ng pag-ibig! :D

    Posted by GINXSADE8 on 4/8/2008 at