Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lifelines And A New Appreciation For My iPad 2

Last weekend, I started to knit the scalloped table runner by Amy Stender and it has some sort of lacy pattern to it. As you all know, I haven't done any lace work and this will be my first encounter with yarn overs. On top of that, I found myself signing up for the Knit Me Happy Ravleympics team and at that time, I was thinking of knitting up a lacy scarf or a toy, or 3 pairs of socks. What on earth was I thinking? I am a monogamous knitter and I don't see how this will work! I do have different sized needles and I'm sure one of them will be the right size for the lacy scarf that I am thinking of doing or I could do socks. Anyway, before I start to panic about the Ravelympics, I have to focus on getting as much done on the scalloped table runner that I am knitting for my mother in law as a christmas present while Ravelympics hasn't started yet.

I am now using a lifeline in this project. The pattern is not that hard or confusing so you're probably asking why am I using a lifeline? Well, this project got to a point where it got so frustrating I was frogging it three bloody times! Why? Because, every time I finish a couple of rows and count the stitches, it doesn't match up with the pattern. It is like stitches magically appear and multiply themselves. So, after frogging for the third and final time, I decided to cut a piece of white cotton yarn and use that as a lifeline and every row thereafter, I counted my stitches just to be sure. On the printed pattern, I even wrote in pencil how many stitches each finished row has. So far, so good. I haven't done any major frogging yet and I might've missed a yarn over or two when I am not paying close attention to my knitting. So it is going great now.

Another thing to be happy about is my new appreciation for the iPad 2 that I sort of abandoned and deemed a semi productive gadget that I have. When I first got my iPad, I really liked it for email, face time, and simple web surfing and a couple of games. Then I got my iPhone 4S and my iPad was forgotten and never used so I wiped it. The only thing that's keeping me from selling it off is the fact that this iPad will be a really good tool to teach a child how to read, write and count, so I kept it. At that time, I was looking to get myself the 11-inch MacBook Air. But comparing the Air against the iPad, I realized, the only thing different is the bigger memory on the Air, the longer batter life on the iPad, and the built in physical keyboard on the Air. Other than that, it is almost very similar to the iPad. On top of that, I noticed that everyone I know who owns an iPad really loves it to the point where they don't or rarely use their computers or laptops anymore. And lately, a lot of the knitting pod casters that I listen to got themselves the iPad and they're loving it especially with the knit companion app, making knitting patterns more digital and Eco-friendly with the use of less paper.

So I thought about the Air and the iPad again and decided to give my iPad 2 another chance to redeem itself and get itself out of this love-hate relationship that's been going on between us. So this week, I wiped the iPad again because it has my husband's information and stuff on it since he borrowed it to try reading on iBooks and I downloaded a bunch of productivity apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie and Adobe Reader and so far, I am liking it better. It still bugs me how it is so hard and frustrating to navigate on some websites when you are viewing the desktop version on the iPad to update settings that are not available on the mobile version but I am glad I gave my iPad another chance. So I am happy about that.

Books I've Read Last Week

• Demon Seed by Dean Koontz
• Immortal by PC Cast, et. al.
• A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton

Currently Reading

• None

Finished Objects

• Wheat Ear Cable Cell Phone Sock for the Nokia Asha 300

Currently Knitting

• Scalloped Table Runner by Amy Stender (slightly modified)


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