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[Book Review] Write That Book Already!: The Tough Love You Need to GetPublished Now by Sam Barry,

Write That Book Already!: The Tough Love You Need to Get Published NowWrite That Book Already!: The Tough Love You Need to Get Published Now by Sam Barry

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Part 1: From The Book Cover

From the foreword by Maya Angelou:
"[T]he joy they promise in their prose makes me glad that I and other writers have been willing to make good writing our aim, and even great writing our dream." 
"How do I get my book published?"
Good question. Lucky for you, publishing insiders Sam Barry and Kathi Kamen Goldmark have laid out the blueprint for what you want--your book. From transforming an idea into a manuscript to finding an agent to working with an editor to marketing your book, BookPage's Author Enablers are here to assist you every step of the way. And they've brought some backup with original insight from literary superstars like Stephen King, Amy Tan, Rita Mae Brown, and more.
It's everything you would ever want--and need--to know about the industry from the inside out.

Praise for Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need To Get Published Now

"This is THE book that every would-be author needs to own. It's full of incredibly practical advice about how to write and sell a book -- finding an agent, writing a proposal, dealing with an editor, boosting sales -- and on top of that, it's also probably the funniest thing every written about how to get published. Write That Book Already! is a gem." -- Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent and Innocent

"Write That Book Already! is the perfect companion to writer's angst, brimming with wise advice for all scribes, including myself." -- Amy Tan, author of Saving Fish From Drowning

Part 2: Recommendation

As an unpublished writer myself, this book is truly inspiring in the sense that the authors explain (in layman terms) what goes on after the writer types "The End" on their manuscripts and starts the campaign to find a kick ass agent to represent you and your book, what an agent does, what an editor from a publishing house does, who the other important people are and what they do to get your book out.

The book is evenly sprinkled with light humor so reading this guide or overview to publication is not boring at all. Also, it is filled with lots of tips for coping with rejection slips, time management tips in order to fit in some writing time, searching for an agent, marketing and publicity tips that you can do on your own to help out your publicity team from the big house, and lots of book and movie recommendations to jump start your creative juices to get you back on track with your writing goals.

This book is not designed to help newbie writers improve their writing skills (you have writing workshops/conferences/retreats and creative writing classes/courses for that). As I said earlier, this book is more of a guide into what happens after the writing process and you have decided to submit queries to agents/editors and what you should and should not do. With that said, I think this is a great guide in its simplicity and an inspiration to newbie writers who are serious enough about getting published one of these days.

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