Sunday, September 8, 2013

[Product Review] Fintie Folio Quilted Case for iPad

I have been searching Amazon for roughly 6 months now for the perfect folio case for my iPad 2 but I also want it to be sturdy enough to hold my iPad up without falling over when I prop it up on my lap when I'm typing up a story or an article in the backseat of my car during my lunch break. With the Apple Smart Cover, a little twitch will send my iPad crashing to the floor if I'm not quick enough. Another feature I was looking for in a case was a stylus pen holder. Finally, I came across the Fintie Folio Quilted Case for the iPad.

This item arrived in 3 days and it was packaged nicely by Amazon. The material, color and design were as described by the seller. I love how you have three viewing angles and though I have the iPad 2, all the cutouts lined up just fine. I just had to push the iPad 2 further inside so the back camera is not showing a portion of the metal rim and secure the iPad 2 with the velcro closure on the side. Other reviewers mentioned that there was this leathery smell to it and it did have it when I first opened it but it was not a smell that is overpowering. The new faux leather smell is very subtle (unless you deliberately put your nose to it and sniff it) and in the two days that I have it, I don't notice any smell at all. This folio made my iPad 2 heavier and bulkier than my old silicone back cover + Apple Smart Cover but I would still prefer this case because it has a stylus holder attached to it and this cover keeps my iPad 2 stable when it is propped up on my lap but closer to my knees and I'm typing on my lap with my Logitech K760 keyboard in front of it. The back panel of this cover is thicker and a lot more sturdy than the flimsy back of the Speck iPad folio case that I purchased for my husband's iPad 4. The magnets on the front part of the case automatically wakes and sleeps the iPad 2 when I open/close the cover and when it is closed, I just love how my iPad 2 looks just like a very nice and sophisticated journal.

Now that I've had this case for two days, I love it despite the added bulk and weight. It has everything on my checklist: sturdy back panel to hold my iPad up on my lap, three viewing angles, a stylus pen holder, a sophisticated girly quilted leathery exterior and it makes my iPad 2 looks like a journal. Just perfect for me! For the price, quality and color selection, I would highly recommend this product!

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