Sunday, January 12, 2014

[Book Review] Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig

Three Girls and a Baby (Three Girls, #1)Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Part 1: From The Book Cover

Fans of Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella, Gemma Townley, and Emily Giffin will enjoy THREE GIRLS AND A BABY, a fun, romantic chick-lit novel by author Rachel Schurig.

Ginny McKensie's life is spiraling out of control. 

Finished with college, she should have been planning her wedding. After all, Ginny and Josh were made for each other—everyone said so. Except the love of her life didn't agree. 

Now Ginny is back in her hometown, unwillingly single, and stuck in a dead-end job. When she discovers she's pregnant, Ginny is convinced her life is ending. Instead of planning a future with Josh, she's learning the truth about morning sickness, juggling bills, and seeing just how far designer jeans can stretch.

Her life-plan never included dating again (not even with her too-hot new boss), or being a single mother at 23. Now, with the help of her best friends, Annie and Jen, Ginny must try to re-imagine—and rebuild—a life she never wanted.

Part 2: Recommendation

Finally! A self-published book that wasn't riddled with grammatical errors. There were still a few, 35 errors to be exact, that I found but it's not as bad as The Proposal by Lily Zante.

Three Women and a Baby is a nice, light read. Not my ultimate favorite mainly because for me, Ginny is not a very likeable character to begin with. Ginny is somewhat fresh from college, very immature, selfish and self-centered. She's a party girl through and through who doesn't have any morals, who obviously doesn't care about whether she hurts the ones she loves most and is also not a very good friend to Jen and Annie. She's also the worst girlfriend any guy in the world could have. I feel so a bad for Josh who stupidly put up with Ginny and all her bullshit. I really like how Jen and Annie were portrayed in this book and they both feel sensible, responsible, and more importantly, they feel real. I think, out of all three women in this book, I like Jen the most. As for the guys mentioned in this book, Josh has a brilliant mind but when it comes to relationships, I think he's stupid for falling for someone like Ginny and I think Josh deserves someone better. Luke on the other hand is just as, immature, selfish and self-centered as Ginny and they probably deserve each other, and Luke needs to grow up. The guy I like most in this book is, surprisingly, Mr. Wright - Luke's dad - especially when he went back to working at the bookstore with Ginny. Just the way that Rachel Schurig described Mr. Wright made him so real and made me want to work for him too. He seems like a very affable fellow, cheerful and "fatherly" despite Luke's description.

The writing style is good and I appreciate the fact that the author hired a proof reader. And because of that, I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

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