Saturday, August 30, 2014

2014 Yarn Along The Rockies Yarn Crawl

Ever since I started this yarn addiction with knitting and crochet, I have been hearing about how fun it is to go to knit/crochet nights, retreats/conventions and how fun it is to participate in a yarn crawl. Well, I haven't done any of those things because my real life gets in the way (how bothersome is that, right?). September is creeping along and before you know it, it's time for Yarn Along The Rockies! I'm excited because it will be like a mini road trip all over Colorado (and it involves yarn — a lot of yarn!) but the big question is: To go, or not to go? The next question that pops in my head is: Do I bring my husband Mikey along or not? Most likely not because he's not into fiber crafts. He doesn't even want me to knit or crochet him anything. I can't buy a lot of yarn either because of my limited storage issues. On top of that, I'm afraid of getting lost despite the GPS and I'm terrified of going to places where I don't know anyone. I keep telling myself that there might be a good chance I'll meet someone and become friends with and I'll believe that I can do it, that  I am going to do it — until the last minute then I back out because I will remember that it will be a tableful, or a roomful of strangers and it overwhelms me. The fear, the shyness cripples me and  I retreat to the comfort of my own home, sitting quietly with my current project thinking, "I should really go next time."

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