Sunday, January 18, 2015

[Product Review] STM Linear Bag, 11" MacBook Air, Kindle Fire HDX

Product Reviews
  • STM Linear Bag (Laptops & Tablets) - After searching for the perfect laptop bag
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    to safely transport my brand new 11” MacBook Air, I found on Amazon this awesome Linear Bag from STM. It has tons of pockets to carry pens, external hard drives, chargers & cables, travel & work documents and it also has a slot for tablets. The size I got was the small size which could fit 11” up to 13” laptops and it fits my 11” MacBook Air with enough room to spare if I decide to get a hard shell for my MacBook Air. My iPad Air with it’s current case fits nicely in the tablet pocket. The inside smaller pockets house my stylus pen, a regular pen, my external hard drive and USB cable and my MacBook Air charger & cable. Car keys can be attached to a key strap/key holder for easy access and so that you’re not digging around in the bag forever. The flap pocket can be used to store your phone since it is also fleece lined. When traveling with a rolling suitcase, you can slide the bag over the suitcase handle with the luggage pass-through strap which I think will be very convenient. It also has a hand strap on the top of the bag if you don’t want to use the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is very comfortable to use and freely swivels so you’re not stuck with twisted straps. The fabric and the bag is very well designed and it looks and feels sturdy. My only wish is that the interior pockets for accessories has more room so that it could also be a combination gadget and daily work purse for women. Overall, I am definitely loving this bag and I highly recommend it whether it is for a short trip to the coffeeshop, library or the office and especially for domestic and international trips. 
  • 11” MacBook Air - For the longest time, I have been putting off buying my own 
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    computer mainly because my iPad is capable of doing most of the things I need to do and my husband was finally done with his masters so that means I get more time to borrow his MacBook Pro and I was trying to wait for the Retina MacBook Air. Long story short, I finally bought my MacBook Air online on Nov. 21, 2014 and picked it up at the Apple Store on Nov. 26, 2014 because the College I work for is being sold to a Non-Profit group and that means, I will soon lose my education discount on computers. It took awhile for me to bring home my MacBook Air because I bumped up the following specs: RAM to 8GB, Processor to 1.7Ghz and Flash Storage to 256GB to make sure that any future OS X updates can be installed on this machine as I plan to keep this machine for a minimum of 5 years. I really love this little machine (compared to my iPad Air, it is 1.5 inches longer) and the magsafe adapter on the charging port. Even without the retina display, I find that it doesn’t bother me because I don’t really work with graphics. I mainly work with text (writing books, blog posts). The keyboard is very responsive and feels full-sized and the trackpad is just amazing. With iCloud + Handoff/Continuity I can start a blogpost using Pages or Notes app on my iPad Air while on break at work, add additional thoughts discretely (aka stealth mode) using my iPhone 5 while at my work desk and finish off my blogpost on my MacBook Air during the weekend. I just love how convenient that is. So for my writing life, my MacBook Air + Scrivener = writing & publishing heaven. Talk about stress-free! As for my iPad Air, I still use it a lot for first drafts, first edits, reading eBooks, social media, journaling, painting, emails, text messaging, web browsing, games and a lot more to mention. Even with my MacBook Air in the picture, I don’t think my iPad Air will be going anywhere.
  • Kindle Fire HDX - I won a Kindle Fire HDX 7” tablet recently for attending a Rich Dad
    Education workshop/seminar. I opened the box and turned on the Kindle to make sure it is working and it is. As much as I would love a Kindle, I have no use for it seeing as I already have an iPad. Based on the Kindle website, I am pretty sure it is a great product and deserves a better home than I could give it. It has 16GB storage, Wifi, Dolby Audio, Quad-Core 2.2Ghz processor, battery life of 11 hours mixed use,  front-facing HD camera. It’s very lightweight, user-friendly and the Amazon app store content is growing daily not to mention the awesome collection of Kindle Books and Audible library and Amazon Prime video & music library at your fingertips. If I didn’t have an iPad, I would definitely keep this. So, if anyone in the Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Denver area is interested, I’m selling this brand new Kindle Fire HDX 7” for $199.00 cash or Paypal. Send me an email and we can discuss where to meet in person for payment and delivery. 

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