Saturday, August 29, 2015

Something Creative For My Writing Machine

I like protecting my laptops with decal stickers or skins as others call it. So when I finally took the plunge and upgraded my 2008 13" Black Unibody MacBook for the 2013 11" MacBook Air, I knew that I wanted something to protect it from scratches. I also want color and design and something that reflects my creativity or my mood or the season or the weather. If I actually use a decal sticker, that's it. Whatever I get, I'll be stuck with the sticker forever until I sell or trade in my 11" MacBook Air. And I found a sticker from The Skin Dudes on Etsy and I only ordered the top lid. But like I said, I don't want to be stuck with just one sticker.

The Skin Dudes - Pink & Tan Polka Dot Pattern V1

I also ordered a clear snap on hard case from Amazon so as not to scratch the sticker.

HDE Clear Snap On Hard Case

What I ended up doing was the best of both worlds. I did not actually peel the decal from the sticker sheet. Instead, I simply inserted the decal/skin inside the clear top lid and then snapped on the lid onto my writing machine. 

I've had this skin on my writing machine for about 4 months now and I'm getting tired of the look. I need something new but at the same time, I don't want to spend hours looking for the next skin that is so common that it doesn't even reflect me. So, I pulled out a pad of Happy Trails Specialty Paper (available at Michael's or Hobby Lobby) that I had stashed in my closet, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a pencil and a little bit of glue for the collage piece. So now, I have a total of 11 additional skins for a fraction of the cost of some of these DIY laptop personalization videos on YouTube. 
Happy Trails Specialty Paper

1. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper Collage (used with a bit of glue to hold everything together) and this skin has a piece of element from all the other Happy Trails Specialty Papers and the fact that I love lighthouses, I could never remember which compass direction I am facing, I love the ocean and fireworks, I like color, I love to travel, I am overdue for a vacation (sadly, PTO is not yet available) and my adventurous journey as a writer. And this is what my writing machine is currently wearing.

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Collage

2. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Colorful Linear Pattern. This is my first skin, which I used for 2 months before I switched over to The Skin Dudes. For some reason, this patten makes me feel happy. 

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Colorful & Happy

3. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Circles Pattern is actually the pattern on the other side of #2. However, I had to use the 2nd sheet for this because I cut this piece as a rectangle to show the silver of the MacBook Air on the edges as border.

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Circles Pattern

4. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Fireworks and the other side of the sheet is a floral pattern. I'm thinking of using the fireworks pattern during the fall season because of the fall colors and the floral pattern during the summer months. 

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Fireworks

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Floral Pattern

5. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Clouds. I couldn't resist this because it reminds me of the watercolors I used to do and the fact that I used to watch the clouds on lazy summer days back when I was a kid.

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Watercolor Clouds

6. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Boat with a map and a compass that I cut and glued from another sheet to represent my poor sense of direction and love of travel.

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Boat & Compass

7.  My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Waves Pattern which is actually the bottom part of one sheet and the top part of another sheet. The bottom part makes me see a mermaid's tail and the top part reminds me of crashing waves on the beach.

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Bottom Part of Waves Pattern

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Top Part of Waves Pattern

8. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Lighthouse. I think it's a lighthouse or it could be Rapunzel's Tower. For me, it's a lighthouse for hope.

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Lighthouse

9. My Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Journey to reflect my love of travel, my long overdue vacation and my journey as a writer.

Happy Trails Specialty Paper - Journey

I hope you enjoyed all these pictures and may it spark your own creative ideas for personalizing your writing machine! 

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