Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Is Here With A Freak Snow Storm

Last week was a snowy week in Denver, making it possible for me to work from home 4 out of 5 days (yay!) thereby saving my car's oil life from further use. My engine light came on on the drive to work on Tuesday morning indicating I need an oil change because my oil life was down to 20%. It was scheduled for an oil change on Saturday, March 26, so that has been taken cared of. Earlier this month, I've posted two book reviews namely, Shearwater by D.S. Murphy and Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn in case you missed it.

At last month's roundup, I talked about organizing my writing schedule and so far, it has been working great. It also gave me the idea for this month's independent post on templates, specifically designing your very own Scrivener template which you can read more here.

I am also slowly making progress on The Creative Freedom Course by Joanna Penn and I am at the last 2 videos of Module 2. I still have Modules 3, 4 & 5 to go through and each has 3 videos and of course, the bonus materials with 4 videos that I have to go through. Sometimes, I do wish that I already have 5 books in a series so I can implement the strategies that I'm learning right away but I guess it's better to learn about these things now so I can implement them as I go along. 

On the writing side of things, I have finally finished my nephew JJ's baby photo book and have started on my second nephew Marcus' baby photo book. Unfortunately, Marcus' book won't be completed until the husband and I visit with them as we will be the last photo that needs to be taken which won't be until December 2016. I can't hardly wait!  

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  • I need to get started on that Pikachu crochet project that my sister is requesting for but the problem is, I haven't found the perfect pattern!
  • I also need to get started on crocheted Christmas presents but I still have no idea what to make for everyone

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Just in case, I would like to share the blogs and/or podcasts I'm really enjoying which are also listed on the side bar... and these are in the order I discovered them...hope you'll enjoy them too!

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