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[Product Review] Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks from Happily Hooked Magazine

Thank you to Happily Hooked Magazine for sending me these hooks! I received these free comfort grip crochet hooks with a plastic yarn needle in the mail on, Saturday, May 14, 2016 courtesy of Happily Hooked Magazine in exchange for an honest review. 

I have been crocheting since 2013 with the Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks and ever since these colorful rubberized comfort grip hooks hit the market, I've been wanting to try a set and now, here it is! 

First off, I love the wonderful colors these hooks came in. There’s 9 hook sizes from 2.0mm to 6.0mm and it came with a plastic pink yarn needle. There’s actually a pleasant rubber smell to it, which reminds me of those wonderfully scented pencil erasers when I was a kid. 

Whether you hold your hooks in a pencil grip or knife grip, these hooks are comfortable. It has more "meat" in the thumb grip area compared to the thinner design of the Clover Soft Touch hooks. And because the handle is made of rubber, there is less chances of dropping the hook onto the floor. If you hold your hooks in the pencil grip, the rubber thumb grip makes it slightly harder to twirl the hook around to pull through loops and if you hold the hook like I do where a finger is stretched out over the shaft to keep the loops in place, the rubber handle actually pinches your finger. But if you hold the hook where all of your fingers are in the thumb grip/handle area, you should be fine using this.

No pinched fingers on the Clover Soft Touch because of the smooth plastic material of the handle.

Pinched Fingers with the Rubberized Hooks using the Pencil Grip

Pinched fingers on the Rubberized Hooks using the Knife Grip

Another important thing to consider is the type of hook it has. These hooks have tapered hooks so for those who prefer inline hooks, you can give it a try and see if you can work with it. I prefer working with tapered hooks so for me, the type of hook here is a non-issue.

These have tapered hooks

I was working on a washcloth with Lily’s Sugar & Cream Worsted Weight, 100% Cotton yarn using a US size G (4.0mm) Clover Soft Touch hook and thought I’d try out these rubberized comfort grip hooks from Happily Hooked Magazine. So I took out the 4.0mm hook and I have to say that there’s a very noticeable difference in the sizes compared to my Clover Soft Touch hooks. Using the Susan Bates Knit-Check Gauge, these are what the hooks actually are sized at:

Comfort Grip Crochet Hook Sizes
Actual US/mm Sizes
Lime Green Hook Size 2.0 mm
B or 2.25 mm
Yellow Hook Size 2.5 mm
C or 2.75 mm
Orange Hook Size 3.0 mm
D or 3.25 mm
Pink Hook Size 3.5 mm
F or 3.75 mm
Purple Hook Size 4.0 mm
7 or 4.5 mm
Dark Green Hook Size 4.5 mm
H or 5.0 mm
Blue Hook Size 5.0 mm
I of 5.5 mm
Plum Hook Size 5.5 mm
J or 6.0 mm
Red Hook Size 6.0 mm
K or 6.5 mm

The ends of the rubberized handle is engraved with the millimeter sizes. No US letter sizes on these. Because it has a rubberized grip, yarn fibers tend to stick to the handle. Also, I noticed that the bigger the hook size gets, the thicker the handle gets as well. Compared to the Clover Soft Touch, these hooks can get really bulky. With my small hands, and the pencil grip I usually crochet with, I find that my fingers gets cramped a lot easier compared to the Clover Soft Touch hooks.

Same width of the thumb grip on the front

Rubberized Comfort Grip hooks have a thicker thumb grip

When it comes to how smoothly the yarn glides on the shaft, I noticed how less smooth it feels and I've tried these hooks on Lily's Sugar & Cream, Worsted Weight, 100% Cotton; Loops & Threads Soft & Shiny, Worsted Weight, 100% Acrylic; Patons Worsted Weight, 100% Wool and Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight, 50% Superwash Merino, 25% Rayon, 25% Nylon.

On the 3 smaller sized hooks, there is a visible difference along the base of the shaft. Compared to the Clover Soft Touch, the rubberized hooks have a longer and more pronounced difference in the base of the shaft. So for beginners, it is important to be aware of this design in the hook shaft in order to keep your stitches even.

Longer shaft base difference with these Comfort Grip Hooks

Shorter shaft base difference with the Clover Soft Touch

While testing out the different hook sizes on the different yarn materials listed above, I thought the rubberized hooks are very slightly, almost unnoticeably heavier. To prove I'm not going crazy, I used my Knit Picks Digital Scale to weigh the smallest and the biggest hooks to compare.

Smallest 2.0 mm Comfort Grip Hook

Smallest 2.25 mm Clover Soft Touch Hook

Largest 6.0 mm Comfort Grip Hook

Largest 6.0 mm Clover Soft Touch Hook

Obviously, aluminum and plastic will make for a lighter weight hook giving the crocheter a much longer time being comfortable while crocheting.

Overall, if I didn't have a full set of the Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks, I'll actually be happy with these provided, I re-train my dominant hand to keep all fingers on the handle. I feel that this set is actually better to learn with than the cheap aluminum set from Boye and Susan Bates mainly because of the comfort grips whether you have nerve/arthritis problems or not.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you found it helpful, please share this post.

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