Monday, May 30, 2016

Hooks, Books & Music

It finally feels like Spring here in Colorado and with that, the creative part of my brain that deals with writing both fiction and non-fiction has gone on an extended vacation and my musical brain is back in full force. I don't know what it is but maybe because Fall and Winter are so grim (for me) that I feel the need to escape in a different world of my own creation and now that it's sunny and perfect weather, I feel the music humming through my blood. 

I don't have a piano at home and the only musical instrument that I have here is a Lazer Soprano Recorder (that my dog hates because of the high pitch) and a Yamaha Alto Recorder (that my dog loves to grumble and whine at) that I'm trying to learn and be more proficient at (hence the grumbling and whining, most likely). My Weinstein Acoustic Upright Piano (with the cracked sound board) and my Yamaha Electone Organ (one of the foot pedals need to be checked as it was no longer producing any sound) and all of my music books and sheet music were all left behind in Manila, Philippines and probably not being used for the last 7 years since I left (sad thing!). At least my beginner Hoeffner 4/4 Violin has been sold 2 years ago to a lady looking for a violin for her child and asked my mom if she was selling my violin while waiting in line at the FedEx office. My mom was going to get a quote from FedEx on shipping costs. Lucky! 

My mom prefer that I ship my Yamaha Electone Organ to Colorado due to sentimental reasons (it was the last thing her own mother/my maternal grandma bought for me) and I prefer to buy a new one for practical reasons (cost of shipping + repair). I think it's cheaper, more convenient to buy a new one here in the U.S. instead of shipping a huge instrument halfway across the world (not to mention the warranty) especially since I've narrowed my piano choices down to the Yamaha Portable Grand Digital Piano DGX-660 or the Yamaha Portable Digital Piano P-255

I'm leaning towards the Yamaha DGX-660 because it combines the different instrument voices and rhythm styles of my Electone Organ with the full 88-keys and graded hammer standard action of my acoustic Weinstein piano. Why am I obsessing about pianos right now? Because I am finally going home to visit my family in Manila in December and I am bringing back all of my music books but first, I will need a piano.

So for musicians out there reading this, have you tried any or both of these digital pianos? What are your thoughts on it? I'd really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts with me in the comments box below to help me make a final decision on which model to get.

On the crochet related side of things, I received a set of 9 rubberized comfort grip crochet hooks from Happily Hooked Magazine and if you missed the in-depth review, click here to read it.

I have finally decided to make shawls for Christmas. Now I just have to select the correct type of yarn and the colors to make sure the shawls aren't moth magnets and not too warm for tropical climates. Any suggestions?

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