Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall Came Early This Year

Here in Colorado, the weather can change so drastically throughout the day and there was one day this summer where we experienced all four seasons in one day. It was hot in the morning, cloudy by noon, drizzling after that and by the time I was 2 miles from home a hailstorm hit. It was a crazy day. 

Three weeks later and it's been chilly and foggy all week. And every time I look up from my computer to stare out the window when I'm working at the Denver office in my little cube, I wish I were curled up in bed reading while crocheting something. But of course, I really can't do that. At least I have my hot tea though.

On the yarn and fiber related side of things, Colorado's Annual Yarn Along The Rockies Yarn Crawl officially started last August 20 and ran until August 28. I went by myself in 2014 as part of challenging myself out of my comfort zone and it was a truly fun experience. 

I did not go this year as I already used up my yarn budget early this month when I visited The Recycled Lamb in Golden, CO for the last time during their closing down sale. I hope you all were able to stop by that lovely yarn store and got some goodies for yourself before its completely gone.

Sheep Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Louet Gems Sportweight in Crabapple

Ella Rae Extrafine Superwash Lace Merino in Peach/Deep Pink

Nirvana Needle/Hook Case Folded in Half

Nirvana Needle/Hook Case Rolled Up

Nirvana Needle/Hook Case Rolled Up - Such a space saver!

Nirvana Needle/Hook Case Opened - Yes, the Clover Soft Touch fits!

Since apparently Fall came early to Colorado, I'm now thinking, "I should get started on my Christmas projects so it will all be done by Christmas or earlier." I'm thinking shawls, particularly my favorite shawl project On The Town Shawl by Julie Farmer because it works up really fast (2 weeks if I only work on it for 2 hours every day and about 6 hours on the weekends) and it has that lovely lace edging. 

On The Town Shawl I made for Aunt Marian

How about you, what books are you planning to read this Fall and what projects are you looking forward to starting/finishing? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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