Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall: It's Official!

Yes, as I’ve mentioned (a lot) before, I love fall. Cooler temperatures and the brilliant colors around us. 

This month was really bad for my writing. I didn't get to write much, and my day job was a nightmare. 12- to 15- hours and sometimes 18-hour days is just not for me. No point in sharing the details as it is all over now - thankfully - and let us just hope that it will never happen again. Moving on… 

Because Christmas is just 3 months away now (gasp!) and I have 5 shawls to crochet as Christmas gifts, I will be on hiatus for book reviews and I won't be writing as much on Helena And The Seven Gnomes. Because of this 2-week delay caused by my day job, I now have to devote all spare time to crochet and I am currently halfway through the  first shawl. I truly hope I finish all 5 before Christmas. The end of the month post is still on my plans at least.

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  • Helena And The Seven Gnomes - I'm finally on the last chapter! 

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