Monday, October 31, 2016

Almost Done

I am almost done with this crazy 2016 Christmas Shawls. I'm working on the fourth one (out of five shawls) and my office (day job)/creativity (yarn, writing, piano) room is a mess of care packages and Christmas gifts that I need to ship to my family in the Philippines before my husband and I leave to visit with them in less than two months. I just need to find a box large enough to hold everything and hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg. Fingers crossed.

Once these shawls are done, I'm going to be working on my friend's baby blanket in Woodland colors. She's due on November 3 but I told her that she probably won't see it until she gets back from maternity leave. After that, I'm planning on making the Virus shawl for myself using the Louet Gems lace yarn that I bought from The Recycled Lamb last August and hopefully I can get back to finishing Helena and the Seven Gnomes, find an editor and book cover designer on top of everything else. 

I have also partially filled out my outline for the next book, Helena and the Dragon. I feel there will be more books involving Helena and her friends and I definitely need to settle down with a series title. I'm thinking Helena meets Magic that way, the stories can evolve into other non-fairy tale magical creatures. What do you think? 

Books I've Read Since Last Blog Post

Currently Reading 

Currently Writing

  • Helena and the Seven Gnomes

Finished Objects

  • 2016 Christmas Shawl in Baby Taupe
  • 2016 Christmas Shawl in Baby White
  • 2016 Christmas Shawl in Cool Blue

Currently Knitting/Crocheting

  • 2016 Christmas Shawl in Blossom


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