Monday, February 27, 2017

Epic Fail: Overcoming My Fear Of The Deep End

Photo Credit: Cheyenne Mountain D-12 Aquatics Center

For my husband, whenever he is away from Colorado Springs for more than 3 days, he'd feel the Mountains calling him back. For me, it is the water that calls me. Growing up in Manila, my family would take a day trip to either a water park or a hot spring pool in the summer once or twice that season and of course throughout the years, we get to use the pool at any 4-star hotel we booked when attending formal events (reunions, etc.). Then, when I started working, the company I worked for would have summer team building activities at beach resorts. When I married my husband and moved to Colorado Springs, I have to agree, the mountains are breath-taking and the apartment we lived in does have a pool but I only used it once the whole year we lived there (yes, it can get really crowded in the summer and not fun to swim in when there are a gazillion kids splashing about - unfortunately the pool wasn't open in the winter). Then we moved into our house and five years go by and I haven't had a swim since that one time in the apartment pool. On the sixth year, summer of 2016, we went on a road trip to Grand Junction, Colorado and the hotel we stayed at has a small indoor pool with a depth of about 4 feet deep. On the way there, I remember seeing lakes and every time, the call of the water got stronger and stronger. We finally got there, met up with my friends for dinner and after dinner, we went back to the hotel and went for a swim. The pool was crowded but we went in anyway. I had to. I was also worried I'd forgotten how to swim. Luckily I did not but my husband did forget how to swim. It was probably a little over 20 years since he last swam. 

When we visited my family in Manila last December 2016, we were able to swim every morning at 6am at the hotel and when we got back to Colorado Springs, I started missing the water again in January. By February, my thoughts are so consumed by swimming that I started looking at pools in the area that also offers swim lessons at a reasonable rate. We finally decided to try the Cheyenne Mountain D-12 Aquatics Center and stopped by last Saturday to purchase a 10-punch card for adults at $40.00 each and the next day, I went for a swim. I was hoping to work on overcoming my fear of the deep end (the 25-yard pool starts at a depth of 4 feet and ends at a depth of 12 feet) but failed. I was only able to swim up to the 5 feet mark and back. It was sad because all the other swimmers on the rest of the lanes were doing the whole 25-yard laps and I could only do less than 25% because of my fear of the deep end (I know I should not compare myself to the other more experienced swimmers). Trust me, I've spent 3 months now mentally preparing myself that I can do it, that I can go beyond 5 feet and not panic. Well, I did not panic when I got to the 5 feet mark but I still had that paralyzing fear because I was barely standing on my toes to keep my head above water and knowing that water safety is first, I turned back and swam towards the shallow end. I'm hoping to hear from the swim instructor soon so we can get our lessons scheduled and I hope the instructor can help me overcome this stupid fear of the deep end as I want to go snorkeling without wearing a life vest that is. 

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Maybe I'll try using a kick board next Saturday to get me through the deep end to ease my way from anxiety to comfortable and practice doing vertical flutter kicks to keep me afloat. Wish me luck.

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