Monday, March 27, 2017

Finally, A Blanket For Me

After making a dozen extra large sized baby blankets, I've finally decided to make a blanket for myself using my own pattern, which I hope will be released no later than October 2017. You see, every time I finish a baby blanket, I wanted to keep it for myself to curl up with when I'm reading a book. Since I have a lot of left over Bernat Baby Sport yarn that I've used for the five Christmas shawls that I made last year, I've decided to use them towards my reading blanket. The colors reminded my husband of the Neapolitan Ice Cream (taupe for the chocolate, white for the vanilla and pink for the strawberry). 

It took me a couple of weeks to come up with a name for this blanket pattern because I wanted to call it "Into the Stacks" where the double crochet stitches would represent the library shelves full of books and the double crochet + chain 1 stitches would represent the aisles of tables but it didn't really look like it. It looks more like platforms and train tracks but I didn't want to call it anything that has train tracks on the pattern name. Finally, the name came to me one night. I was thinking of how to categorize this pattern on Ravelry since there's already a million blanket patterns on there and I was asking myself, what is it about this pattern that will benefit other crocheters? And the answer is technique. You see, the technique I used, while not very new or original is something that most crocheters will not use on every single flat crocheted item/project. So I called it my Ambi Crochet Blanket…Ambi for Ambidextrous. That's right, this pattern will require crocheters to use their non-dominant hand to go back to complete the next row then switch to the dominant hand to complete the next row and so on and so forth instead of turning the whole heavy piece. 

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it here in my blog about my being Ambidextrous. I write with both my left and right hand and ever since the Christmas Shawls project, I've started crocheting flat items starting with my right hand then instead of turning, I would use my left hand and switch hands at the end of every row instead of turning. By doing so, I've created a very beautiful back side on my Ambi Crochet Blanket. When I was working on the Christmas Shawls project, I think it took me two weeks to get used to crocheting with my left hand. A month later, my left hand is faster now than when I first started crocheting with my left hand but it's still not as fast compared to my right hand. Luckily, the tension of both hands are the same. I'm sure that by the end of this Ambi Crochet Blanket, both hands will be at the same speed when crocheting. If I get back my knitting mojo, I will definitely learn to knit with my left hand as well so I won't have to turn my projects ever again. We shall see if the knitting mojo comes back. 

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