Monday, April 24, 2017

A Sad April

I miss my mother-in-law. She died of a stroke that took out 35% of her brain on April 4, 2017 at 9:20am, a week after being rushed to Memorial Hospital at 9:00am and we buried her on April 12, 2017. Easter Sunday will never be the same or any other holiday for that matter. I have been one of the few lucky ones who actually have a great relationship with their in-laws. In every way, she has become my mother in the past 7 years that I've known her. She may not have been rich, famous or influential but she has taught me how to truly forgive someone, shown me what true strength means and that family — not work — is more important next to God. In my heart, I know she's moved on to a whole different journey where I can't follow (at this time at least), but it appears, my brain still needs to catch up with this new reality. I often find myself grabbing my phone to either call or text her only to realize that she's not physically here anymore and my heart breaks anew. I need to be strong for my husband and my father-in-law and there are days when I don't know where to get the strength from. I'm guessing, take it one day at a time and from the knowledge that she is no longer in pain. 

On the yarn-y side of things, I completely forgot to mention last March that I finally got a shelving unit to hold my small stash of yarn instead of them being stored in a 56 gallon purplish-pink Sterilite plastic box at the bottom of my closet, which is also quite cumbersome to get to as there are things piled up on top of it. I originally thought to get this shelving unit from Target:

 My Dream Yarn Storage

But it's way too expensive and not very portable in the event that we move to a different house. So, for the meantime, I got this hanging sweater organizer instead from Bed, Bath & Beyond and it just fits the amount of yarn that I have and is ultra-portable at a quarter of the price of my original plan. I'm really happy with it because now, when I open my craft room/office closet to get some yarn or a hook, it is right there in front of me and I don't have to dig out the Sterilite bin in order to get to my yarn stash. Yes, I still keep all of my yarn in ziplock bags to keep away dust and moths. And because the shelves are so open, I can clearly see what kinds of yarn I have in my small stash and it also motivates me to keep my stash small since I obviously have no more room (err shelf) to spare. The top shelf contains my test & review kit, a small bottle of wool wash, some felted sheets and the big ball of Bernat Baby Sport in Baby Taupe yarn that couldn't fit in the second shelf reserved for Acrylic and Acrylic blend yarns with side pockets for hooks and needles and notions. The third shelf is reserved for plant-based yarns and the fourth shelf is for animal-based yarns. The fifth shelf is reserved for project bags and the sixth shelf is for the poly-fill that I use for crocheted/knitted toys.

My Actual Yarn Storage

This year's Yarn Along The Rockies yarn crawl goal is to find and purchase a yarn swift and the budget is about $50.00 and maybe a project bag as I already got a yarn bowl last year when one of my favorite LYS closed down. 

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