Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Knitting Mojo Might Be Back?

For the past 4 years, I have not been using my Takumi fixed circular bamboo knitting needles and so finally, last Sunday, 9/10/2017, I donated all of my knitting needles to a nonprofit called Who Gives A Scrap in Old Colorado City. I felt free. I mean, sure while driving to Old Colorado City, my nerves were a jangled mess and I was getting separation anxiety. But then I told myself, "I haven't picked up these needles or any of my beginner needles because I obviously didn't like using them. Besides, I have 10 Knook hooks that I can use to knit with if there's a knitting project I really want to do." That little mantra bolstered my courage to walk through the door and drop my knitting needles at the checkout counter. As soon as I stepped out of the store, I felt lighter and exhilarated for some weird reason. Maybe because the needles have a new home now. I did appreciate them very much but I think it was the cords that always tend to get tangled that drove my knitting mojo away (well that and the fact that I truly fell in love with crochet). Unburdened.

The next day, Monday, 9/11/2017, guess what? I frogged the crocheted beret that I was working on and used the yarn to cast on (yes, knit!) the Collapsible Cloche by Laura Macagno-Shang using a US 10.5 or 6.5mm Knook hook. So far, it's going great. I'm still not hankering for a new set of needles and though the k2tog stitch can be a challenge it's doable. So for now, I'm not in the market for a new set of needles and I already have one in mind and on my Amazon Wish List so I don't forget: the ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Bamboo Spin set because the joins spin instead of being fixed which causes the cord/cable to twist and tangle while you knit and because I prefer bamboo knitting needles instead of the metal ones but for crochet, I prefer metal with tapered hooks. I seem to split the yarn more when using inline hooks.

Many of you might not know this but I am highly introverted and therefore, meeting new people in person is quite the challenge. I need lots of mental preparation to combat the anxiety and so that I won't chicken out at the last minute. Ever since I started knitting back in 2011 and switched to crochet since 2013, books like The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and the cozy Knitting Mystery series by Maggie Sefton had made me want to do the same thing: sit and stitch with yarny individuals at a local yarn shop. On top of that, I'd also like to have a yarny friend to go yarn crawling with. I do personally know 5 people from previous workplaces who do crochet and knit but I have this feeling that they're not as addicted to yarn as I am because their priorities lay on taking care of their family and children. I could, of course, be wrong. So, I just wanted to enlarge my circle of yarny friends who knit or crochet as much as I do. I crochet as much as I read. Last Monday, 9/18/2017, I received an email saying that a local yarn shop in Downtown Colorado Springs is going to close their doors on Dec. 2. I have been meaning to go there so I made a point to go last Saturday and I told myself that if the shop is relatively quiet, I'm going to sit and stitch for 2 hours. Thankfully, the shop was quiet. There were only 2 women knitting when I walked in and browsed the shelves for any cotton blend yarn and bought 3 skeins of Butterfly 100% Mercerized Cotton yarn, 249 yards/125 grams each in this lovely taupe color. After paying for my purchases, I sat down and crocheted with Pam (the owner) and Julia then at around noon, Erin walked in. I had a lovely time stitching with these 3 ladies and got 3 used books on the way out at 1pm. While browsing the table of used books, I talked to Erin about the ChiaoGoo spin cables and she loves them! So I felt it was really fortuitous that I decided to hang out at Entwine Yarn Store that day because now I know for sure that when the time comes for me to re-invest in knitting needles, I'm going for those ChiaoGoo Bamboo Spin interchangeable set. Then I got invited to join them again and every Saturday. And most likely, I will. 

Butterfly Cotton Yarn

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  • Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (from The Jane Austen Digest: Complete Collection)

Currently Writing

  • Chapter 21 of Helena and the Dragon
  • Stretchy Crochet Skirt pattern

Finished Objects:

  • Collapsible Cloche by Laura Macagno-Shang - I'm using Istex Alofoss Lopi Pure New Icelandic Wool yarn in Olive on a US size K or 6.5 mm Knook hook. The k2tog stitches were quite a challenge using the knook but still doable.

    Collapsible Cloche by Laura Macagno-Shang

  • Beanie There, Done [T]Hat by Vickie Howell - I'm using Istex Alofoss Lopi Pure New Icelandic Wool yarn in Space Blue and the rest of the Olive color on a 6.0mm/J crochet hook. I originally started this project with the recommended 4.00mm/G hook and I did get gauge with it but the resulting fabric was a tad too small and too stiff. So I frogged that and used the yarn recommended hook size of 5-1/2 to 6-1/2. Even though I didn't get gauge on the US size J or 6.0mm Clover Soft Touch crochet hook, I like how much more softer and pliable the fabric is and how 6 rounds on the top makes for a better medium hat size.

Beanie There, Done [T]Hat by Vickie Howell

  • Liula Stole by Emma Potter of Potter & Bloom - I'm using Kiku Lace Weight 100% Bombyx Silk in Tropical Bloom on US size C or 2.75 mm Clover Soft Touch crochet hook. I am loving this pattern. As always, I switch hands instead of turning the entire fabric. It's gotten quite long now so I had one end rolled up. Hopefully by switching hands, it'll save me from RSI or carpal tunnel. 

Liula Stole by Emma Potter

Liula Stole by Emma Potter

Currently Knitting/Crocheting

  • I'm currently working on a crochet skirt pattern


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