Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Snowy February

This has been a long time coming especially after reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. As I've said in that book review, I have been debating on whether to quit all social media or keep a few because I've noticed that I've been spending way too much time on Facebook in particular and feeling agitated when I surface from it. Not good, not good at all. So this Lenten season, I have decided to quit social media and to only check Facebook once a week and to only check my notifications to see if someone has tagged me especially updates from family and very close friends. In light of that decision, I have turned off all app notifications and automated a few things so I won't have to do it myself and have deleted the apps on my phone. So far, it has worked out great. I now have more time to do the things that I enjoy doing like playing the piano, painting watercolors, crochet, read, walk the dog and spend time with my husband. So the only social media I'm still active on are the quiet ones: GoodReads and Ravelry. GoodReads I primarily use to track the books I own, have read, currently reading and of course, those that I want to read and Ravelry, I primarily use to track which yarns I still have in my dwindling stash and to also keep track of the projects I currently am working on (which thankfully has been, so far, limited to 2 at any given time), and have completed. I also use Ravelry to track which hook sizes I have as well as the patterns that I have.

I don't know about you but here in Colorado Springs, we have seen a lot of snow fall lately and I cherish the days when it's sunny and warm outside and my dog and I definitely take advantage of it to walk around the neighborhood.

I don't know if I've talked about it here on the blog or not but late last year, I have been researching and reading lots of posts online about traveling with your knitting needles and/or crochet hooks and though the TSA website itself shows that you can bring them on the plane with you, there are still a handful of people who had their needles/hooks confiscated which concerns me (a lot) because I'm about to go to New Zealand and would like to bring 1 project with me with my favorite Clover Soft Touch crochet hook. I did bought a set of Bamboo crochet hooks for this purpose but when I used it, I found out, I really don't like how grippy (and therefore, slow) the bamboo hooks are even when working with slippery acrylic yarn. I still prefer using my Clover Soft Touch hooks. Apparently, I prefer metal hooks over wood or plastic hooks. And to think I even crocheted a functional case for it with a notions pocket in the front. Well, if you want to win this Bamboo Crochet hook set, head on over to Ravelry and participate in The Knitted (or Crocheted) Knockers CAL hosted by Hannah of The Cozy Cottage Crochet Podcast and good luck!

Books I've Read Since Last Blog Post

Currently Reading 

Finished Objects

C2C Baby Blanket - yarn used was Caron Simply Soft, Sage & Persimmon, 100% Acrylic, Worsted weight, total amount used was 452.1 yards/244 grams of the Sage and 553.1 yards/298 grams of the Persimmon colorways respectively; using a Clover Soft Touch US H/5.0mm hook, finished measurements are 35.5" x 27.5"

Currently Knitting/Crocheting

Gorman Street Toe-Up Socks by Rohn Strong - yarn used was Patons Kroy Socks, Amethyst Stripes, 75% Washable Wool, 25% Nylon, sock weight, using a Clover Soft Touch US C/2.75mm hook

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Just in case, I would like to share the blogs and/or podcasts I'm really enjoying which are also listed on the side bar...and these are in the order I discovered them...hope you'll enjoy them too!

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