Tuesday, July 31, 2018

7 Paintings, 1 Crochet, 0 Gallbladder

If you participated in the World Watercolor Month 31x31 Challenge and the Watercolor Summer Challenge by Angela Fehr, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Granted, I only painted whenever I can, it was still a blast. I'd like to think I'm improving on my shadowing (God knows I still have a long ways to go on that technique), I still have a lot to learn with regards to painting loosely and I sure need to work on improving my landscapes. I could also use some practice on color mixing. This would be a perfectly good excuse to use up the rest of my Pentel Watercolors which I've squeezed out onto a round palette. For most of the paintings this month, I've been using Hobby Lobby's Master's Touch 12-pan watercolor set. I think there's 1 painting where I've used the Staedtler Watercolor Brush Pens (I need to swatch them and stick it to the pens so I don't have to keep testing it out on my testing paper). I also need to practice painting trees, shrubs and flowers. Good thing I have a whole bunch of watercolor papers to use.

Sunny Days & Sunflowers

Field of Lilacs

Sunny Days & Lilacs

Mountain River

Mr. Tin Man the Watering Can

NZ Countryside

Purple Tulips

Only 1 crochet project this month. The Key Largo Lace Wrap by Hannah Siegmund and it was very well-written and easy to follow. Really love how it turned out.

On other news, I had my gallbladder removed earlier this month and obviously, the surgery went very well. I wasn't as sore as I was expecting nor was I in much pain. I was off the painkillers the next day. No adverse reaction to the anesthesia or the lack of a gallbladder. Thank God for such a speedy recovery and for having such a great medical team to care for me.

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Key Largo Lace Wrap by Hannah Siegmund - yarn used was Debbie Bliss Botany Lace, 1654 colorway, 100% Merino Wool, Lace weight, total amount used was 896 yards/200 grams; used a Clover Soft Touch hook US size D/3.25mm


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