Friday, November 30, 2018


It's getting a lot colder here in Colorado and we've seen a couple of snow days. Better make sure your furnace and water heater are in tip top shape. And because our furnace and water heater haven't been replaced in quite some time, my husband and I decided it's time to replace them both before they break down and stop working in the dead of a cold winter night. The furnace has been fully replaced in one afternoon but the water heater is taking a bit of time because we've switched from a 40gallon tank to a tankless water heater. I'm really excited to have that done so my husband can take as long of a hot shower as much as he want and I don't have to deal with running out of hot water ever.

Christmas decorations are up all around my neighborhood now that Thanksgiving is over. But in our house, we put up our Christmas decors the weekend after Halloween. Why? Because it was snowing that weekend and what better way to spend indoors than to put up your Christmas decors with a good and hearty (made from scratch) Chicken Ramen Noodle soup on the stove? And not to mention, hot cocoa for the husband and hot peppermint tea for me. For the life of us, we couldn't get the Silver Star tree topper to sit right at the top of the tree this year, so, I had this brilliant idea to put Gnomie (my husband's stuffed Gnome - yes, he's very much into Gnomes) as this year's tree topper. I mean, it makes sense - to me at least - since he has a pointy hat and his arms and feet can be the other points of the star. Now our tree definitely has a personality of it's own.

On the crafty side of things, I finally ordered these locking earring hooks that has the lever backs and it arrived on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018, and I spent the afternoon replacing the earring hooks on all of my dangling earrings because 2 years ago, I lost one of my favorite dangling earrings because the collar of my winter coat and the top of my scarf pushed one of the earrings out and ever since then, I've stopped wearing all of my really cute dangly earrings for fear of losing more of them. I didn't want to just get the silicone backings to secure the earring hooks because a lot of times those can slip off too, not to mention earring hooks do not travel well. I have travelled with a pair of dangly pearl earrings with the lever back and they were awesome! I fell asleep on the plane with it just fine and best of all, I didn't lost my earrings. 

Wire Hook Earrings on all of my dangling earrings

Silicone Earring Backings

Earring Hooks with Lever Backs

And since I still had quite a bit of those earring hooks with lever backs left and no more earrings to replace, I decided to use them on my collection of cell phone charms.

Back in the 90's (at least in Asia), every girl/woman has a collection of cell phone charms and both boys and girls/men and women have a collection of cell phone covers to either match your mood, the weather, your clothes, your purse or just to express your unique and individual personality. Cell phone charms and covers are really cheap in Manila where I grew up so all throughout college until I moved here in 2009, all the cell phones I had back then were small (like the Nokia 8210) and they all had notches to loop your cell phone charms through. I only had maybe 3 cell phone covers in Pink, Yellow and Red for the Nokia 8210 but when I upgraded from that, I ditched the phone covers since they're phone model specific but I continued collecting the charms. Of course, I brought them over with me when I moved but unfortunately I hadn't had the chance to use them at all since 2009 and I switched to iPhones. So now, with the charm threads replaced by the earring lever hooks, I can now use them as stitch markers, notions pouch/project bag/wallet/purse charms! 

Beach Collection

Chinese Heritage Collection

Anime Card Captor Sakura Collection

Plush and Large Collection

Dolphin Collection

Hello Kitty Collection

Random Collection

October Libra Collection

Teddy Bear Collection

Mostly Tigger and Eeyore Collection

Rhinestone Collection

The Complete ex-Cellphone Charm Collection

I'm progressing nicely with my plain jane socks projects. I'm almost done with the silver & red color scheme and will be moving on to single colored socks with the teal, brown and purple Woolike yarn skeins that I have left. After I use up all of those, I can buy more yarn. Can't wait for that. Being on a yarn diet is hard!!!

I honestly thought I only managed 1 watercolor painting this month but apparently, I did 4! Yay for me!

Colorado Purple Mountains

Misty Mountains

Center Of My Life

Winter Trees

Before I end this post, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone of you, dear readers and crafters for this wonderful community. I hope you had a delicious and fun thanksgiving with family and friends. Stay inspired and keep crafting and reading!

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Finished Objects

More Plain Jane Socks - yarn I'm using is Loops & Threads Woolike Super Fine, Mauve & Cool Gray colorway, 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon; Super Fine weight; using a Clover Soft Touch hook US size C/2.75mm

Finished 3 pairs so far in this color scheme...

Currently Crocheting

Crochet Carnation Pattern Tutorial 77 by - yarn I'm using is Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 Crochet Thread, Orchid Pink and Natural colorways, 100% Mercerized Cotton, lace weight; using a Clover Soft Touch hook size 1.75mm

More Plain Jane Socks - yarn I'm using is Loops & Threads Woolike Super Fine, Mauve & Cool Gray colorway, 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon; Super Fine weight; using a Clover Soft Touch hook US size C/2.75mm

The last pair in this color combination


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