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Ever since I can remember, I love to read fiction - from fairy tales to chick lit to romances to classic literature. I gobble up books every waking minute. It was during high school that I started writing short stories in notebooks in between classes. During summer breaks, I'd be seen typing on a 1969 Royal Signet portable manual typewriter with a ream of letter sized paper beside me as well as a box of correction tape while my siblings and cousins are out in the sun playing or riding their bikes around the neighborhood, screaming like maniacs and getting bronzed by the sun. It was also in high school when two of my English teachers encouraged my writing and I was accepted as a staff writer for my high school's paper during my senior year - that was really fun!

While applying for college, my major choices were English Literature, Journalism, or Psychology. Sadly none of these majors pay well enough in a bad economy so I went into Accounting. I still wrote a couple stories here and there to hone my writing skills but those early works will never see the light of day. After writing all these years in various formats (poetry, essays, blog posts, short stories and novellas), I realized that a career in Accounting is not for me but maybe one day, it might prove useful in terms of accounting for royalties and taxes.

I started this blog in 1997 to share my poetry and book reviews in the hope of getting people to read more books. 20 years later, my little book blog has evolved and grown to include the books that I did end up writing as well as all the other crafty things that I love to do.

I do have a day job that thankfully pays well enough so my writing time is limited to my lunch breaks at work and every spare time at home between knit and crochet projects and doing household chores. When I am not writing or doing research for the next book, I am either reading for pleasure or for a review, going for long walks with my husband and my dog, watching TV or a movie or listening to podcasts or audiobooks while working on a knit, crochet or knook project.

I hope you all will enjoy my books and this blog as much as I have planning and writing them and I would love to hear from you. Also, I would like to take this time to personally thank you for buying my books as every book you buy brings me closer to making my dream of writing full time a reality.

Take care for now,

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